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Forbes Magazine references for "National Bankruptcy Day"

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  • Forbes Magazine references for "National Bankruptcy Day"

    How The CPSIA Wreaks Havoc In Every State -

    Look under the Oklahoma Link~

    "Forbes Magazine has indirectly quoted us (Littlecrow website) before in their articles about businesses fighting the clothing manufacturer requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. But this latest article references our website directly - look under Oklahoma. Our message is getting out, even as Congress continues trying to evade pressure to amend the law. We've also been quoted in recent issues of the Navajo Times, and Cherokee One Feather, the Eastern Band NC Band of Cherokees. "

    There's all kind of information on this crazy law as well as a link to a petition.

    This is an important issue concerning ANYONE who makes to sell, or purchases children's clothing. The CPSIA is passing a law that makes it illegal to sell childrens items without extensive lead testing. This all came about from large corporations that have clothing ect. items made overseas, and then consumers started getting sick, skin rashes, ect. from products with alot of bad chemicals in the So basically the companies that caused the problem to arise, will be the only companies that will be able to afford all this testing. Imagine goin to a powwow and not being able to buy moccasins, baby barrettes ect. This doesn't only concern people who make childrens products.. consider how much the price of childrens accessories in general will go up if this passes? What doesn't make much sense to me is they're gonna expect all this testing on childrens keep kids safe, but yet no testing on the mother's clothing who's holding and exposing her children to untested articles? Doesn't make much sense does it?
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    Originally posted by fncyshwldncr4life View Post
    What doesn't make much sense to me is they're gonna expect all this testing on childrens keep kids safe, but yet no testing on the mother's clothing who's holding and exposing her children to untested articles?

    Shhhhh! They might be listening.


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      I know it...Might be givin em more ideas ennit?


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        This whole law is out of hand. I sell my jewelry online-on etsy-and there were literally hundreds of shops on there that sell kids clothes and accesories getting ready to shut down because of this law. From what I have read on the etsy forum, there have been some exceptions made about material testing-it;s just the zippers and buttons they seem to worry about now. What a mess this has turned into.
        Take nothing for granted. Life can change irrevocably in a heartbeat.

        I will not feed the troll-well, I will try.


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