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  • Native american symbolism

    trying to find out the meanings of symbolism in my dream. i have seen a bear and a peyote fan together. would like to know what that means?
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    And can somebody tell me bout mine last night, too

    I dreamed about black-widow spiders...about the size of tarantulas!!!

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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      I dreamed we were in the desert looking for our 'droids....Wait a minute, that was "Star Wars" episode IV, never mind.


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        In all seriousness, though, this is not the place to be asking this kind of question.


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          Originally posted by tsalagichugie View Post
          i have seen a bear and a peyote fan together. would like to know what that means?

          Was there a peyot' meeting in a zoo lately?

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            First, let me say that it is my understanding, that dreams are culturally specific. If you have been brought up as a Christian, you will have Christian oriented dreams most of the time. If you were brought up as a Hindu, you would have Hindu related dreams most of the time, and so on.

            Dreams in general, have symbolic representations that are either specific to the individual that is dreaming, or that is related to their cultural experience.

            For example, if a traditional Lakota person dreams of an Eagle, there might be interpretations relating to the search for spiritual power, spiritual messages from the Creator, war honors, crossing over after death, healing, etc.

            If a non-Indian person, raised as a Christian with no knowledge of Indian traditions, dreams of an Eagle, there might be interpretations involving freedom, liberation, governmental control, governmental bureaucary, endangered species, yearing for a wilderness experience, etc.

            In Hebrew, Greek and Roman literature, the Eagle was a symbol of power. Because of its great size and strength, Eagles were able to remove even small livestock from herds of goats and sheep. This gave the Eagle a persona of majesty, power, and fear. To these cultures, to dream of the Eagle represented a spiritual validation as a person of great wisdom and insight.

            Concerning your specific dream involving a bear and an NAC church fan, I can pass on what I have been taught about dreams. Dreams are considered sacred and should only be talked about with an experienced and recognized spiritual interpreter whom you trust, in a controlled environment.

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              nicely said histoian

              its true theres some things good and bad that u can dream about and stuff 2 do afterwards.

              love the good dreams btw, it just makes my day.. heck even my week. its just empowering and as far as the bad ones u just have to be strong, or stronger. thats the power of faith
              thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

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                My grandmother was highly sought after for interpretations of dreams but when she passed that knowledge left with her...
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                  "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


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                    I have a dream about a good economy, a balanced budget and a politicin who does what they say they are going to do..... no wait that's a fantasy... geezzz never mind....
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                    Thankful for the blessing from the Creator in my life!!!!

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                      You can interpret your own dreams pretty easily... like historian was saying about symbolism being culturally, it is also personal. Figure out what those things mean to you in both manners and stop and think about what's happening in your life.

                      Most dreams are'nt prophetic and are our minds' way of dealing with topics that are unresolved or unfaced. You may or may not find an answer to your questions or situations in your dreams but it can be good to find out what's really going on your mind and deal with it in the waking world.
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