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Sexual Assault Against Native American Women

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    Originally posted by eap7 View Post

    Its not just bad news in the Indian community. Right now I'm finishing up my master's thesis, and I've seen many studies that conclude American Indians compared to other US racial and ethnic groups are more likely to consider their families when making decisions. Children and teens are more likely to remain abstinent or become abstinent from drinking and substance use if their families encourage or talk to them. Women are more likely to want to stop drinking or get out of an abusive relationship for their kids' sake. To me, this shows that people in our communities are aware of unhealthy behaviors, and they are trying to protect and support their kids.
    Now see this is nice to read...We may got some issues but sounds like we are doing a good job with them.


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      I just want to point out that there are other women in the minority in other nations(third world countries) that have been abuse by men who have no respect or no regard to women and try to destory them for who they are. The women who is/was abused are second class to the men and I thought that is not the humanity way to treat women like that. Why can men realize that we women are more human being and equal as they are? I do not like men looking down on us and abuse us. I am glad that Bodica had to speak out for NA women to let us know about sexual abuse that happen to NA women. It is a shame that we can not do anything about it. I do hope there will be a change to stop this violence and rape to women and men, too.


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        thank you BODICA for the sites you posted here. i looked a couple up and have joined one group. up where i live i have been out of touch with anyone. too isolated and feeling a little lost. with this online site i can reconnect and become useful to THE PEOPLE once more. thank you again BODICA!

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          Thank you for the support, DeafToniB and APACHEFIRE.
          And we females are not as helpless to stop this as some want us to believe.
          We can fight this legally, and we can muster the currouge to talk about it, regaurdless of how many people tell us to shut up.
          We will not be silent; and we will not be submissive.
          We will not just assume nothing will get done if we take it to the authorities.
          We will fight.
          In the courtrooms, on the news, on the 'net, in our communities, even on the streets.
          Women (be they victims or non-victims) from all countries, states, races, and creeds will stand together as sisters; and our voices will grow, until the authorities are forced to make the changes we demand.
          The idea that the government cannot be changed for the better from the ground up, is a lie.
          In fact, that is the only way it ever has.
          Grassroots activism by ordinary people is what freed the first American colonies from England, abolished slavery, gave workers the right to form unions, got women the right to vote, made discrimination illegal, got women the right to birth control, passed safety standards in work places, passed the Endangered Species Act, prevented the government from violating our National Parks, got the U.S. out of Vietnam, mandated clean water standards, made torture illegal,...and on and on.
          People are only powerless when they believe that they are powerless.
          I am not affraid to ruffle feathers in order to do what I know is right.
          No one will silence me: not society, not peer pressure, not the police, not the government...NO ONE.
          And here is a little something to prove it:

          Lawmakers Move To Curb Rape On Native Lands : NPR
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          I'm not responsible for my actions, I just do what the voices tell me to do.


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            you know any talk about supporting legislation to protect our people is a good thing. Its true, so many tribes have money now and can afford to have lobbiests, etc but it doesn't seem like the right causes are sought after. Thanks for bringing this point up bodica.
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              I do agree that it is a sensitive subject and agree that it doesn't belong in a public forum..if you want to change legislation then be very careful that it doesn't infringe on treaty rights or sovereignty of tribes..and because a casino is rich isn't an obligation to mentioned that it took grass roots effort to free the so called americans from england...we already had our governmental/societal structures in place..when the colonists came here....the land was stolen, or we were forcibly removed from our ancestral homelands...we were told not to be who we cutting our hair, forcibly removing children away from their families...boarding school generations lost their parenting skills, in addition to their languages which were beaten out of them, their culture/spirituality/beliefs were replaced by another...we had our own ways of dealing with our problems..but it was all taken/removed/ we were even infected with disease so that whole nations died...our women were sterilized, our children were adopted out..etc etc...the list goes on and yes we do have problems...but like eap said changes are happening across ndn took generatons of unhealthy behaviors to be where we are at today and it will take more generations of healing and recognition of learned behaviors to be balanced again..but the beginning is happening..despite the far as native women being the targets of non natives..power/control/domination...why is the native man doing that because it is a learned behavior...changing legislation isn't too effective but changing behaviors would be the long term solution to change and prison time doesn't effectively change a person's behavior...another grave statistic..more native men than any other race is sent to prison??? given more prison time?? Why is that happening? These are my opinions...
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                Discussion of such sensitive matters may be taboo.
                But posting resources for native women who might be seeking contributing to aiding, or to find support might not be a bad idea.
                In similar manner to the White Bison Society works, Normal Groups meant for this purpose are not going to be sympathetic to native culture, traditions etc. Here in my area there are groups that focus on native mental health care, provided by natives. It is So beneficial

                Dunno what anyone would think of it. But Discussions I can see discouraging unless in private, but availability of resources Ya
                Perhaps it would be better in native health forum

                Would be sad for someone to do a search on the board for advice and not be able to find anything but blind eyes turned. At least in offering the options of resource links they could be guided to getting help.

                Violence against women goes beyond race, creed and class. ITs deffinitely not a joke, but very sensitive matter.
                Ill stop now before i go on some huge rant of opinions and slander :D
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                  Bodica I thank you for posting this thread. And you are clearly not being invasive. I do not see that you are asking anyone to share their personal story, it appears as though you are raising awareness.

                  Yes it is a sensitive issue and one that has been silenced for far too long. And if a victim of such crime reads this thread I believe it would give her a little bit of hope to know that there are other's who are not afraid to stand up for what is right. The last thing a victim needs is people saying "don't talk about such things".

                  And I keep reading that this issue doesn't belong in a public forum, well IT IS PUBLIC INFORMATION... If you would turn off Jerry Springer long enough to watch the news you will see it in public view.

                  And yes changing legislation will not solve the problem entirely but it would help if done right. Change begins by acknowledging there is a problem and raising awareness. So are we going to continue to silence the victims? Or are we going to help the victims find their voice?


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                    The only way change will come is if women agitate for it. There are so very many ways to combat violence against women but the most important is empowering women to speak up for themselves. We have to be willing to say that's enough,be it our own homes or on the Senate floor. And we must insist on being treated with respect within the law. If women don't talk about it, if we continue to cover it up we are only enabling our abusers.
                    There is no shame in being a rape victim. They deserve to be seen by a health care provider and they need to be taken seriously by police. But they mostly need to be supported by their family and their community. And we need to let everyone know that any sort of violence against women is wrong and will not be tolerated. But WE must be at the forefront of change if it is to succeed.

                    Make all the difference you can.


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                      its been awhile since ive posted here ... i was looking through the Indian Counrty newspaper dated "wednesday march 31 2010' ... there is an artical that really upset me ... when it comes to certain articals or slander of the Native ppl, i get furious ... i had to take a few breather while reading the artical

                      anyways ... the artical headline
                      "THE MYTH OF THE SAVAGE INDIAN" ... the artical goes on to say how the early colonists tried to bring the end of Native American by either killing or raping them.

                      "those who escaped the fire were slain with swords; some hewed to pieces other run through with their rapiers, so that they were quickly dispatched and very few escaped ..." and it goes on like that for half a paragragh ...

                      "nevertheless, explicit, personal accounts of rape have found their way ino history, but in this white man's country, insults to Indian women are largely lost. The rape of a 'squaw' by whire men was not deemed important. The Indin woman gave her testimony to no one; it was never solicited, except perhaps orally within her tribe ..."

                      "europeans were surprised and baffled by the refusal of Indian men to rape white women. the culture of spain, russia, france, holland, and portugal gave men absolute power over women ... with the right to rape enemy women."

                      ^ ^ this paragraph makes me mad!! ... back then Native men had respect for women ... its the White man who taught the rest of the world how to rape!!

                      "many white women who were captive of Indians later rejected returning to their former homes. they found that Indians treated them better than their white male peers, steeped as they were in the culture of europe, they claimed women as 'property' and had no rights ... Indian tribes such as Iroquis and Cherokee, women were the land owners, the property owners, and the lawmakers. Indian women had a much stronger role to play in Indian society then white women did in white society."

                      "rape of Indian women was clearly an act of subjugation of the Indian race. Indian women who resisted were ofter beated and sometime killed. it was a rare Indian woman captive of white men who was send back to her tribe without being raped. it is a shame that this tradition continues."

                      The statistics of today say ONE-THRID of Indian women will be molested at some point in their lives. most of the molesters and rapists will be white men. Their chances of being charged with rape are under 10 percent; their chanced of being convicted of rape are under 5 percent. the juried that will try the few cases of white men raping Indian women will be made up almost entirely of white men. seldom does a minority person or a white wowmen get seated on these juries.

                      thats what u get 4 breaking my heart...


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                        That's horrible! I've been an activist for most of my life and I've never seen such dismal statistics. This will only change when women band together and demand change.
                        No woman deserves to be treated like this.


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                          Originally posted by I'm A Mutt View Post
                          That's horrible! I've been an activist for most of my life and I've never seen such dismal statistics. This will only change when women band together and demand change.
                          No woman deserves to be treated like this.
                          it truly is horrible. look at former south dakota governor janklow for instance. there isn't nearly enough effort being made towards advancement when it comes to prevention of and protection against sexual and domestic violence. thank you bodica for bringing this to light. this is a good start. i will definitely check out the links you provided.


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                            Originally posted by I'm A Mutt View Post
                            That's horrible! I've been an activist for most of my life and I've never seen such dismal statistics. This will only change when women band together and demand change.
                            No woman deserves to be treated like this.
                            that artical is a "part two" ... so i called Indian Coutry and reqested a copy of 'Part One' ... i should receive that in a week or two .... ill let you know what that artical says

                            thats what u get 4 breaking my heart...


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