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    Lakota School District has done it again. They are producing the racist play "Annie Get Your Gun". This is a link to a script for the play: TheRickSays - Annie Get Your Gun Script - Part 1 The word s___w is used throughout the play. Native women are further denigrated when a White character attempts to trade Native women as a price for a room. There are images of Indian savagery, primitiveness, and inferiority.

    They denigrate a great Native when they associate Sitting Bull with alcoholism and oil wealth. They state Sitting Bull doesn't know what to do with the money. These are clear references to uncivilized primitiveness and the drunken Indian stereotype. The Department of Justice crime statistics demonstrate that Native people experience the highest rate of violent crime in the nation. 70% of the perpetrators are White. Also, Native women experience 3-1/2 xs the rate of rape. 90% of the perpetrators are White men.

    In this quite predominantly White school system they are producing a play which is teaching these children the very beliefs and attitudes which are associated with these crimes. I have been contacting scholars, leaders, councils, centers, main stream organizations to email the superintendent about this horrible racist play: [email protected] Please send him an email and send this on to all of your friends, and encourage them to send an email as well.
    We are getting local papers involved an if it cannot be stopped there will be a gathering outside. But the more emails to the superintendent the better.

    This school district has shown much discrimination towards my friends grandchildren, so much that the young girl wants to dismiss her heritage.

    If you get the chance please pass on

    Thanks :)

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