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Obama considering giving U.N. seats to U.S. Tribal Nations

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  • Obama considering giving U.N. seats to U.S. Tribal Nations

    <blockquote>Kitty (member of native pride on wrote:<br>If this would be amazing!!!<br>K<br> <br> March 26, 2009 (API)<br> <br> <a href=" FtYS1tYXktYWxsb3ctaW5kaWFucy1pbi11bg==">Petition: Allow Indians in U.N.</a><br> <br> President Barack Obama is considering allowing a representative from each <br> tribal nation located within the United States to have a seat at the United <br> Nations (U.N.) as full voting members in a decision that has taken the world by surprise. <br> <br> <br> The plan would allow each indigenous Red Indian Nation – currently referred to <br> as “tribes” or “bands” to have a voice in international decisions regarding <br> global peace and policy at U.N. Headquarters in New York City and once and for <br> all join the community of world’s nations.<br> <br> Currently, “tribes” are denied access to such a body, having been victims of <br> over 518 years of a relatively unknown “genocide” that the sponsor of such, <br> the u.s. government - who remain virtually in control on U.N. decision-making <br> and veto power , was never too eager to reveal.<br> <br> The possible decision would startle unprepared tribes and tribal councils as <br> they would scramble to appear “nation-like” as they decide which nation <br> citizen would travel to New York to serve their nation on such a seat.<br> <br> Indigenous people anticipated change in governmental affairs once the first <br> Black African became president – a fellow person of color, and wondered if the <br> Obama administration would force their government to honor Treaties, that are <br> supposed to be protected from violation through Article VI of the United <br> States Constitution.<br> <br> There was also great concern from Indigenous activists that the government had <br> previously given Israel – the occupying entity of nation of Palestine, over <br> $40 billion per year in order to secure the country as a base for Britain and <br> u.s. oil removal from the region. Indians felt that while American troops now <br> simply occupy Iraq in the heart of oil country, the need for the concocted <br> state of Israel is not necessary, and American Indian tribes could instead <br> receive the $40 billion in lieu of Treaty violations and as retribution for <br> resources stolen from Indians by the u.s. since 1492. Currently, tribes <br> receive approximately $2 billion from the government for programs and <br> administrative costs.<br><br>Allowing the voice of the Red Man into world affairs through U.N. full <br>membership, voting, and possibly “veto-power” seats is a first step to <br>recognizing Indigenous people as “peoples” and as true members of the human <br>race.<br><br>The qualifications for membership in the U.N. is that a nation must have:<br><br>1) their own language<br><br>2) their own land<br><br>3) their own culture or way of life<br><br><br>Currently, of all the races of humankind, the white, black, brown, and <br>yellow, only the Red Race is denied a seat in the United Nations.<br><br>Sign and distribute: <br>

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