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tobacco tax effects?

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  • tobacco tax effects?

    just thought i would check and see if anybody has been greatly affected by the huge tobacco tax that took effect this spring? i know that a few members in my family are finally quiting smoking because of it. as for the indian use i never liked using commercial tobacco as a gift and especially not cigarattee tobacco. it just never seemed right to use it because it is more chemicals than the sacred plant tobacco. was fortuate to get some before chemically altred from freinds and family back in VA. but even that is going to be hard now with this huge tax and [email protected]#$. what are others doing? are you or your friends and family quiting smoking if you or they smoke?

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    Are you 100% sure your people smoked TOBACCO ? Many tribes actually smoked combinations of herbs that , many times, did not include tobacoo.

    Most started using Tobacco during the Pan-Indian movement--- so, I would first find out what your ancestors actually smoked (if anything at all)... then I would consider if you need to even buy the stuff.

    For example.. my ancestors smoked an herbal mixture... sometimes it contained alittle tobacco.. sometimes not... and .. "traditonally".. we smoked "Indian Tobacco" .. which is a different plant altogether.. (it actually can help your lungs as opposed to damage them)

    Many smoked tobacco for leisure in simple little throw away pipes.. but it was not ceremonial...

    And if you can't afford it-- you stop smoking.

    If you can't stop -- you have an addiction and need to see a doctor and start a plan to get unaddicted.

    ANY addiction... beer, tobacco, weed, sex, wine.. needs to be cleaned from your body and mind.

    *a good start to getting clean of tobacco addiction is to smoke the above-mentioned "Indian Tobacco" in its place-- it will help clear your body of the withdrawal sympotoms of regular tobacco..
    the "scientific name of this "Indian Tobacco" is : Lobelia inflata
    WARNING : THIS PLANT, WHEN SMOKED IN EXCESS, CAN LEAD TO RESPIRATORY FAILURE... or, if not that, you will throw up .. alot..... so do not just go out and start smoking it.. usually, just a tiny pinch mixed in with alot of other non-toxic herbs does the trick.
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      tobacco, real tobacco

      yes we are 100% sure that our peoople smoked real tobacco. if you read the post you will see that the family is in VA and i am only located in michigan now. also read again you will see that i mentioned some of the family smokes, it says nothing about me smoking. btw; real tobacco is indian tobacco, if you read the post again you will see that i said i don't like the use of commercail tobacco as it is more chemicals and some tobacco. seeds that predate white contact still exists and even after white conact it was a very long time before the tobacco was heavily altred. finally lets not forget that here are well over 50 species of tobacco and the natives of america were using if for many things incuding smoking before white contact. my ancestors used tobacco the real deal as well as mixing it with other plants.

      my original post was just to see if the price increase has effected people? hopefully in a good way for those that smoke as they will quit.


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        tsalagi/cherokee/iroquian/north carolina... duh, tobacco smokers LOL!

        How much are smokes down there in the lower fourty eight? they up to 8.50 a pack at some places here.
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          Down here on the rez Marlboro's are $4 a pack - last year it was $3. When we went down to the SW, they were about $6.50.

          I like to give the little pouches of Native American Spirit which are 100% tobacco I think. But they're hard to find around here since our local NDN arts and crafts store closed.

          My bfren has cut down, mostly cuz of the price. I just hope it doesn't affect my supplies of chew can lids.
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