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  • European Powwows !?

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    I found this little clip on the internet and I have to say I was pretty much upset when I watched it. It is basically a bunch of Germans pretending to be Native Americans. There is not one drop of Native blood in any of those people! Now im a firm believer in sharing culture interest with others , but that is STEPPING OVER THE BOUNDARIES ! Its a cheap intimation of what they think US REAL NATIVE AMERICANS would be like. I can name several things wrong in this video!

    First fore most I like how it starts off with an up shot close of the drum , and as the camera slowly makes it way upward you see the men drumming. And then as it goes up a little bit more there is a WOMAN at the drum!? Not one, not two, but five women are at the drum. Not only are they at the drum but the women are DRUMMING!!!! To make things a little bit more interesting one woman is drumming while holding a baby. Gaw dang I bet some of those German women might even have eagle feathered fans!

    What the heck are they doing? Are they dancing? It looks as if it was supposed to be a men's traditional crow hop. I can see one man who seems to me to look more like he is running instead of dancing! Another guy looks like as if he is trying to intimate a chicken literally, and the rest look like they don't even know what there doing!

    The drum...Why are they only singing in Dakota,Lakota,Nakota languages?? there is SEVERAL more tribes and tribal languages than just those!

    I hate that there are people out there like this! When I saw this I felt like as if someone was stripping me away from my cultural and heritage values! Like it was a big a** punch in the face! To me this would be like if I were to be turning 15 and wanted to have a quinceanera but me and no one in my family is Hispanic ,but I decided to have one anyways. Im sure we wouldn't be doing all the right things and customs that it comes with and im sure the Hispanics would be pretty upset and feel like im making fun of there traditions and customs. I would have NO RIGHT to have a quinceanera nor would any of my family members cause its NOT OUR RIGHT to give our self's one nor is it our way!

    People like this should THINK FIRST before stealing another ethnicity's culture customs and trying to make it there own! I do not approve of powwows out in Europe and surrounding areas. They look like a bunch of cheap wanna be native CLOWNS !

    It's just so upsetting but this is just my opinion. What do you guys think?

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    Your not the first to post a youtube video about what they are doing overseas
    and every once in awhile we will get in a big knock down drag out "discussion"
    The last one I remember was the French girl that makes her own Jingle dresses posting about it she has not been back since

    Here are some threads from the past on this very subject:

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