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  • Declaration of a new era

    I feel like venting:

    I want to form a new tribe of people that will be seperate from Native Americans:

    Basis of forming an autonomous state:

    The Panzacola “Indians” were the first inhabitants of the area now known as the Florida Panhandle. Unfortunately, they never made contact with European settlers, and so, were never recognised as a tribe native to North America. All records of their existence have vanished, and any evidence of their language and culture is gone forever.
    I have decided that the Panzacolian people will be reborn. However, this (reborn) group of people will never be recognised as Native American. The US BIA (Boss Indians Around) government department has set “Mandatory” criteria for registering as a federally recognised tribe for the purposes of native services.
    There are seven requirements for becoming a federal entity, each increasing in difficulty:

    The first criteria is the requirement that the group exist before 1900. This obviously means it is impossible for a revival of the Panzacolian tribe to occur (even from scratch). What if a group of people decide to band together and declare themselves a community (like we are doing!)? This prohibits formation of new tribes after 1900! Due to this blatent form of communism, we must rethink the way we define ourselves. We can still call ourselves the Panzacola Mayoki Tribe, but due to the government not recognising us, I establish that we not refer to ourselves as “Indians” or “Natives” or anything related to the Native Americans.
    The whole point is that a tribe is a GROUP OF PEOPLE united for a common cause.
    The second criteria is that the group be recognised by the Government as “Indian”. What in the blazes is that supposed to mean!?
    Another criteria is dealings with a county, parish, or other local government in a relationship based on the group's Indian identity.
    (4) Identification as an Indian entity by anthropologists, historians, and/or other scholars. What if we decide to start from scratch? Is modern history not “old enough”?!

    (5) Identification as an Indian entity in newspapers and books. Again, what if we decide to start from scratch? Are we supposed to advertise ourselves?
    (6) Identification as an Indian entity in relationships with Indian tribes or with national, regional, or state Indian organizations. Again, how are we supposed to have relations when we are brand new?!
    There are many, many more restrictions that I didn’t mention above. Therefore, I have decided that we (the Panzacola Mayoki), shall become an “Autonomous Federal Entity” not related to the United States of America. We shall NOT call ourselves Native American, because in the eyes of the Government, we are not. They don’t care about “new” tribes forming, only the ones that they like. The US is corrupt, and we will not listen to their propaganda!

    We are not an “Indian tribe”! We are a WE ARE NOT “INDIAN”! WE ARE OUR OWN ENTITY! Since our name is Mayoki, call us “Native Mayoki”, but not “Native American”!
    They call themselves native because they were the first ones here. What about us, the ones who wish to start a new tribe and were born here?
    Anyone from Pensacola, Florida? Please reply!

    BTW, you do not have to have any “blood quantum” to qualify. That is the whole point! Since we aren’t Indian, we can start our own state (nation), and then we can’t get griped at for “destroying culture”, because there isn’t any culture to destroy. We ARE the culture!

    And no, this is not a scam. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY FINANCIAL BENEFITS by joining. Think of it as starting a new country. The people have to start somewhere, and this is how!
    Sorry, if I sound like a crazy person!

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    The Mayoki are a racists and over-all embarrasing feature of Pensacola... and by coming on here and posting this trash---- you just proved that your a relic from the racist and simple minded white trash origins of "Panzacola"...

    The Mayoki's days are numbered........... The fact that Pensacola has allowed you to operate for so long is proof that the city is a waste of American soil.

    Oh yea... and how dare you be so close-minded, simple, and racists... and then have stuff about the Dalai Lama on your myspace page ? Do you not feel any sense of guilt for your inappropriate actions ? How can you have all this "Jamling Sherpa" stuff and then be aligned with the Mayoki Indians ?

    Are you recently joining them ? Have you no idea of their past or the things they have done ? Yea yea yea.. they give charity out--- but a postive actions does not negate a negative action.. they both stand independent of eachother..

    So, for their Charity, the Mayoki receive virtue. However, for their close-minded insensative racism--- they receive negativity...

    I suggest you ditch the racist Mayoki indians and stick to the Buddhism.

    Also--- as a side note ---

    Your entire post is a complete insult to the 500 years of Native suffering at the hands of the Colonialist Agenda..

    It is like --- you think you should be a "tribe" just because you want to.... but you have totally overlooked ALL THE HISTORY and ALL THE PRESENT DAY EVENTS which come-- as weight --- with the package of being a "recognized tribe".

    How can you be so smart as to be interested in Buddhism/Tibet..... but be so ignorant as to not understand that your entire post was completely inappropriate and --- flat out--- ignorant ... and just plain mean.
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