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    You know.. after reading "jorbathehutt"'s lame azz post about how we originally wanted to be NDN, but could not get enrolled, so then he throws his gunz over to the side of the "Mayoki Indians" of Pensacola...

    .... I just got to thinking to make this thread...

    I am not advicating for any actual action.. I am just starting a list of organizations, states, people..etc.etc...

    That we would like to rip-a-new one too .... not solely for being racist or sexist ...

    .. but for their blatent disrespect and concern for their fellow man...

    A.k.a. a Bytch'in session.....

    Alright ... I will start :

    1.) jorbathehutt : He claims all this Seminole descent and also claims to be involved with Tibetan Buddhism--- YET---- he is a Mayoki Indian and he made that "new era" thread....
    So...war path on him for being insensative and Inconsistant (Sorry jorba, but the Dalai Lama would NOT condone the Mayoki Indians)

    2.) Mayoki Indians : One of Pensacola, Florida's biggest "marks of shame"... the fact they they are allowed to operate without lawsuit or jail time is a testiment to Pensacola Florida being a backwards little hole in the sand.
    So.. War Path on Mayoki Indians for ....well.... having their "boat parties" (yea, it IS what you are thinking.. they are like that) and for running around drunken, whoopin and hollerin--the whole time dressed up in neon headdresses....

    3.) Pensacola, Florida : You killed and chased off the original natives... then you replaced them with Apache P.O.W.s.... then you replaced them with "Mayoki Indians".... and you allowed "Geronimo's Spirit" booze store to operate for years.... Most of the "Mayoki Indians" are your Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, City Council,etc.etc.... Also, many of your institutions are know to actively engage in nepotism (family members illegally hiring other family members without posting the job publically-- in FEDERALLY funded organizations)-- -so you clearly have no qualms with breaking the law.. which makes sense... since you allow the Mayoki Indians and blatent racism to run non-stopped...
    So... War Path on Pensacola for being a racial, close minded, W.A.S.P. infested hole in the sand...

    Oh yea..

    4.) AIM's Leadership :
    The "American Indian Movement" moved us alright.. about half-a-century in the wrong direction...
    Also... as an Ilnu person.. I can't trust the AIM leadership 'cause I know they like to order executions on Ilnu people...

    So, War Path on AIM's Leadership for setting us back. Pine Ridge is STILL poor and, yea.. nice job on rescuing them ! Seems like almost every rez AIM tried to "help" is now poor, violent, and alcoholic....

    War Path on AIM's Leadership for raping and killing Ilnu people.... and then running away and bytches.

    5.) Those "Native Self Help" Books :

    Do I need to write anything? How many bookstore selves are filled with countless "Lakota Spirit Guide Training Manual" and "Cherokee Transcendental Meditation" books....
    or how about "Sacred Lakota Teachings for Awakening Your Chakras" ?


    War Path on books that are just trash.

    6.) Horrible "Native Flute" Cds that are done by white guys in Germany

    Again..need I say more... they call it "Native Flute".. not because the guy playing is native.. but because it is a white guy using a Cedar flute.. which because it is cedar.. I guess it is "native" ?
    How many of these CDs flood the market --- and they suck..

    War Path on horrible "Native Flute" Cds..

    7.) Native Musicians who are very good but don't go big time

    GOD DAMN IT .. WE need you to OUTSELL the shytty CDs in #6 because outselling is the only way to make them go away !!

    War Path on you for having all that fuxing talent and NOT USING IT !!!

    8.) Native Authors who don't do much with their writing

    ARGH!! Same thing as in #7... If you don't get off your *** and push those poems and stories like your pushing crack..... then all the god forsaken books in #5 will continue to sell..

    We need you to OUTSELL THEM.. 'cause it is the only way they will go away !

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    Ok my turn

    Warpath for those that claim ther Grandma is Ndn
    Argh would not there parents be NDN Also!!!!!
    Aunties Uncles Cousins
    Mom or Dad or maybe both!!
    No! its always just a grandma makes it sound like them grandmas could not keep there hands off them white boys!!!!
    ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
    Till I Die!


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      I just have one word: Wow!

      WE Mayoki will rule the world! (just kidding!) (I am not a Mayoki, and I am not a white supremacist! I am a Cherokee-Seminole)

      I wanted to see what you would do if I acted revelutionary. I guess there won't be any new tribes soon. I guess it would be easier to start a new country.

      I had no idea there would be so much drama over a fake tribe/mardi gras krewe.

      I would never belittle the Native way of life.

      I'm sorry if this experiment went wrong, but I just wanted to see what would happen if I mentioned it. Now I'm going to have to live with the whole Internet declaring war on me.

      BTW, Down with the Mayoki! I hope they burn and crash!


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        Simply put :

        It was not funny nor amusing. The Mayoki Affair -- while itself a rather stupid and inane thing--- is the tip of a much larger iceburg.

        If you are in fact NOW telling the truth--- and your postings were just a HORRIBLY BAD "experiment"... .then fine..

        Please, don't do it again.

        There is 500 years of "bad things" that weigh in on all of this... millions of deaths... countless families torn apart... countless young people made to suffer and wander....

        ... please man... it wasn't at all funny or even remotely "o.k." ...

        There are non-natives who DO go out of their way to try to get tribal monies and/or try to get tribes to loose their monies for similar reasons as you wrote in that thread.

        ... again... shyt was not in anyway funny or interesting.

        Pensacola is filled with alot of Anti-Native ...and just overall dirty and corrupt officials.... so you should think about this before you post something like that online.

        It is one thing when there are people "faking the funk".. releasing shytty books and CDs and hosting retarded seminars.. is another thing when you have City Council members... Judges.. Lawyers... etc.etc... supporting the mentality that allows for Mayoki Indians,nepotism, racism,etc.etc...

        .. that shyt doesn't receive much tolerance 'round here.
        Last edited by IlnuSoldier; 06-15-2009, 09:00 PM.


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          Originally posted by IlnuSoldier View Post
          Simply put :

          It was not funny nor amusing. The Mayoki Affair -- while itself a rather stupid and inane thing--- is the tip of a much larger iceburg.

          If you are in fact NOW telling the truth--- and your postings were just a HORRIBLY BAD "experiment"... .then fine..

          Please, don't do it again.
          I am telling the truth for sure. I would never do anything like the Mayoki do. I say if they want to honour us, gather a few Creek from up north (Atmore), to have a completely different ceremony.

          Here, we have a DeLuna landing ceremony, where the landing of the Spanish is re-enacted. I want to gather the real Creeks together and have an authentic ceremony (at least as far as we know how the events played out).

          In other news,

          I know this has been brought up before, but I HATE the Redskins!!

          I hate them as bad as I hate the Gators (I don't have a problem with the Seminoles). I wish they would lose every one of their games.

          Are we friends now? I am NEVER like this normally. I just wanted to do it as an experiment, but now I know better.


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            Good grief..... what did I miss by being out of town at a powwow???

            I agree with Josiah, what's up with only the "my grandmother" was NDN... I should ask my Dad (mom doesn't have much of a sense of hunmor about it) about that one, he'll think that it's funny.... If only grandma's are ndns (I'm a grandma) does that mean that it skips a generation and that my kids aren't ndns but my grandkids are???

            Joaish, do you think if your was your grandfather a cheif, and a grandmother was a princess ithen you can be chief princess???
            Thankful for the blessing from the Creator in my life!!!!

            Life should not be measured by the number of things that we aquire on our journey but by the number of lives that we touch along that road.

            I am a bridge on the red path between my ancestors and the future. I am a bridge between my white heritage and my native heritage. A bridge joins two sides together and provides a way to move on..... A.K. O'Pry-Reynolds


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