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  • "If the people knew who they are, or, were, , , ,"

    I think this is going to be a 'touching' thought, , it's a personal thought. . . .

    Awhile back, our reservation was going through a really tough time, a hard time, a frightening time, , a turmoil time.

    My Auntie stood up and spoke of the reasons of How and Why our tribe arrived at these times, (many times).
    One of the statements auntie mentioned to me during that time, , was, , ,

    "If the people knew who they are, or, were; They would be proud people".

    I'm sure there are many possibilities to aunties thoughts towards our ancestors,
    I'm interested in hearing them all.

    I did a little personal research, historically, I was amazed at all the references over time,
    Persians from Babylon, Mesopotamia (Iraqis?), Indians, one of the ten lost tribes of Israel, Asians, Tibetans, Mongolians and Siberians.

    but the most popular was 'Indians', on account of Columbus discovered the East Indies of India, and, from Columbus discovering Indians in Cuba.

    Our own Native Nations accepted and adopted the title of 'Indians' and we all became 'Americas' Indians, as American Indians.

    Note: Yesterday, President Obama had dinner with a real Indian, The Prime Minister of India. The PM didn’t look anything like the Cleveland 'Indian' Mascot.
    Here in America, In The U.S.A, the real Indians from India are called "Indian Americans".

    Last, I took the Nat.Geo's, DNA test,
    On our reservation, I'm enrolled as 4/4 ths.
    The Nat.Geo's test results called me "A Non-African out of Africa", migrated out of the Kenya area of Africa 79,000 years ago.

    One day I called my auntie and another auntie of mine was there, auntie 'B', she answered the telephone, I asked auntie 'B' what she had to share about our ancestors,
    auntie 'B' told me she was told, "Your not suppose to be living in the past", then auntie 'B' opened a Judeo-Christian Bible and started reading to me something out of St. Paul that would explain why our reservation is the way it is today,

    I interrupted auntie 'B', I said, "Auntie, when I was asking about our ancestors, I was looking about '200 Hundred' years back, but when you started reading out of the Judeo-Christian Bible to me, your taking me back "2000 Thousand" years ago, , and I asked, "so, , whose living in the past?" : ) my auntie said "oh".

    I asked auntie 'B' if she knew of the assimilation policy, she said, "no, what's that?",
    I told her to ask her cousin there, my auntie that made the statement, auntie 'B' did ask her and I asked auntie 'B' what she said and auntie 'B' said my other auntie just smiled.

    at this same time, auntie 'B' said "she was told, if the people would gather at the church, it will get rid of all turmoil on our reservation".
    I asked 'which church?', but she said she didn't know.

    My auntie went home, back to the spirit world, before I could finish all my own personal research so I never got the chance to ask auntie 'How Far Back' was she referring.

    to this day, I still have no idea as to who we really are, I only know who our ancestors were, Historically, and how things came to be, timeline wise,
    as for Life itself, , I know more of the Jewish peoples History, the Christians History & Beliefs, then I do of our own native peoples, we weren't raised or taught much native traditional spiritual teachings, other then peyote, crossfire, & pow-wows : )

    even in family circles, to question something's is 'inheriting the wind'.

    We wish you all the Best.


    p/s, our uncles are gone, alcohol & diabetes,
    my last living uncle is an ordained minister.

  • #2
    Final Note From: NativetoIndian ;

    After I found all the Information on the History of our Ancestors and how we came to be where we are today,

    I asked my auntie, , " Now what do I do ? ", and, auntie said " Share it ".

    In encouragement to our peoples Education and to waking the kids up every morning for School, they say, "Knowledge is Power",
    And auntie said, , " Share it ".

    I shared this story with all of you here because I was told to,
    And because, I agree with my auntie that we need to share these stories with one another.

    someone else also shared, " You can't have Sovereignty, If you don't have a Culture to Protect ".

    so, If just one of you read what I wrote and got you to thinking , , , , then, I consider it a successful post.

    Thank you,
    Our Best,

    Happy Holidays.

    From: NativetoIndian

    In the Land of our Sacred Eagles' Nation's.


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