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Iraq and Afganistan: Warriors and Soldiers.

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    yellowthunders mama; that is good news, you and your husband building an educational fund for your son, I hope it all works out, as they say, a mind is a terriable thing to waste : ) an Education is worth every cent.
    ( I just wish I knew all that when I was young and starting out in school ).

    "occupation -by colonialism"

    yes you are right about this, if we remember our Ancestors, we should also remember alittle of how our own ancestors felt about occupation -by colonialism, our whole History was created around it, that's how we got to become "Indians" : )

    We all know the war is not only "over there", but it's already here too, it's been here, this year they captured three people with Al-Qaida connections, one was a soldier here and he killed his fellow soldiers here, while being in an American soldiers uniform.

    it's like an Alien Invasion, ( people don't like it now and I'm sure our ancestors didn't like it back then neither)
    These people were not coming here in Peace, nor for peace, even though they lived amoung us, they were waiting, I heard One of the Hijackers was having Garage sales here.

    Myself, I don't have a son or a daughter in this war, nor have I lost a close relative in this war, as you and as so many other's have, I can't say one way or another if the troops should be there or not, my opinion doesn’t matter anyway.
    I only know, they, the terrorist, Al-Qaida connections, were already here with their war trying to blow-up some innocent people here, but they were caught and captured. ( thanks to a chain of gifted people )

    When these people, these terrorist, Al-Qaida, succeed in blowing people up, they say that’s the way god wanted it, 'god willing'.
    but when they get caught, I wonder if they still think it was gods will to get caught?. god willing.

    I know when good things happen, here in our American Homeland, we say God made this happen for me for a reason, or god made this happen for us for a reason.
    but when bad things happen, we don't say, god wanted it this way for me, or this happened because this is the way god wanted it for us,
    we usually end up blaming the devil for all the bad things that has happen to us,
    ( I think we are now beganning to hold ourselves accountable for the bad things that can, that could have, and that has already happened that could have been prevented?).
    When these suicide bombers get caught, do they say, "we got caught because this is the way Ala wanted it for me?".

    probably not because they don't give up any information.

    'Poverty' used as reason for being a terrorist?, Wasn't Ben Ladden a rich man from a rich family in Jordan?, or someplace, I heard he wasn't a poor man. ( a rich man's war? ).

    I once heard a good question, on tv, a movie on the story of Hitler's invasion during WWII,.
    The Question: " Can a moral man maintian his morality in an Immoral world ? ".
    (yes, I think our ancestors maintained, those that were allowed to live and those that surrived, they did what they had to do.)
    In todays time, I hope the time never comes to where we are forced into having to ask ourselves this question here in our American Homelands.
    but I'm sure, if need be, America and her American people will defend themselves, ourselves, our 'moralities', by any means nessessary.
    I only hope America is prepaired for such an attack, prepaired to defend her tracks.

    Personally, from my own personal thoughts, (I know my own thoughts matters very little if not at all : )
    I invision a force like the Jewish people had after Munic 1972. ( search and destroy ).
    even though I heard war creates more war that has lasted for generations.

    Al-Qaida brought harm here to the United States, I don't think it would be a wise idea for the United States Troops and their Allies to just back out and leave Al-Qaida unpunished, ( the Untouchables? ) they, Al-Qaida, will surely harm others or they will be back to harm here again, should they, Al-Qaida, be left alone to harm others?. Al-Qaida will continue to do what it's always been doing, wheather American troops and their Allies are there or not....

    Wheather the troops are there or waiting for them here, people's lives are at stake, including their own, but Troops already know what they signed up for, their all old enough to know and understand the history of 9/11, the history of the long line of harm that was brought to America during 9/11.
    All we can do here is offer our support for our troops there, or, we can protest here to return our troops home too, either way, I believe we must support our troops.

    Anything done for god, can be created to be done joyfully, joyful ideas of good things in the end when you do things for god.
    in some cases, these suicide bombers believe they get many virgins when they get to the land / world of Ala in their next life.
    ( While others get to sit on thrones next to god, while watching the condamned burn.)

    War, God and Religion and; Religion, God and War.
    ( It almost seems it's always been this way from the beganning -
    god said to get rid of the pagans, & then god said to get rid of the infidels. ).

    200 BCE, ( 2,200 years ago ), a new Jewish phrophcy, of a violent end of the world and new kingdom of god, ( here on Earth ).
    In the story of the Asserian invasion, 721 BC, the Jewish historians say's the people believed all wars Fought down here on earth effected all the wars being fought in Heaven, the wars in Heaven between good and evil.
    Revelations comes from The Book of Danial, but they say, before that, before Persuians became muslums,?, a person named Zorac told of a great war between good and evil and a last Judgement.
    The story of Jesus riding on a white horse in revelations, written in 95 AD was said to have been built on from the book of Danial, and from the writtings of another man named John.

    Each time, each of the writters believed, or, thought they were living in the end times, prepairing for a great war between good and evil, light and darkness.
    ( it's as if god enjoys war, and yet, throughout history, these wars have all been between 'men' of wars, men's ideas of gods views. an old Jewish idea of god's war's during Joshua and the Walls of Jericho, , , , all kills were sacrifices to god.)

    I like the statement made by former President Bush Jr., " They, Al-Qaida, have this mistaken idea that god rewards evil ".

    I already said I can't imagine a god that encourages people to kill other people,
    actually, I can't even imagine a god that can create a Universe, Other Worlds, Spirits and Alliens - 'UFO's'.
    compare me to the universe, , and; as our Holiness, the Dalia Lama says, "I'm just a bug".

    Spiritually, I'm still trying to understand our own spirits, our spirits connects us all to eachother and to god, our creator?.
    understanding my own spirit amoung spirits, might help me understand a little more of god.

    and that's as far as I got in my own understandings and beliefs : ) that's as far as I got in understanding myself : )

    I can only support our troops because I know soldiers are fighting and dying "over there" so I can take the time to think and share my own thoughts of god, here, safely.
    Troops are "Over there" fighting against those who think they are doing gods work, or doing work for god, only so they can be rewarded by god, the rewarding part sounds selfish, but rewards are in every religion.
    All I really saw is that, this war, and past wars, have all been only because of the ideas and actions of other men full of hate and anger for others.
    Here, in America, they say, that's not an excuse to kill or harm other people, we are told to work it out, Deal with it, until it's to late.
    but I guess a religious hate is like no other hate, men with a pasion for the hate of others, hate of life or existance, easily kills.
    and this is what the Troops and their Allies are up against over there, and here too?.

    I wish only the best for our troops and their allies over there, over here, doing what needs to be done, doing what has to be done, putting themselves in harms way to keep people here safe, and maybe to help keep other peoples safe too, people in places like yemen.

    and if the actions and the presence of the troops there creates more enemies for the United States, here, in the future, , , ,
    I hope America here, is prepaired to defend her tracks left there, otherwise, people here, will end up paying for it with their lives.

    Holy Wars don't always seem to have an end unless one side is fully or mostly wiped out or converted, but only until the next Holy War, the next generations war.

    ( I always thought, from an assimilated natives perspective, Our own Ancestors met the 'Four Horsemen' of the American Appcolypse, ''Gen. Custer, Gen. Crook, Gen. Sherman and Gen. Sharidan''. ).

    So, looking further back at the history of war, with god involved, it may never end, , or, , It will never end until one side is distroyed and I do believe I'm standing on the 'undistroyed' side.

    I too wish for a quick and safe end to this war too. ( Men Willingly )

    NativetoIndian - to Infidel.

    P/s, another suicide bomber just bombed a CIA base in Afghanistan, killing 8 Americans.


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      I clicked the button and this was posted twice, like the other empty post above, it was a double post, I deleted the second post and thats the reason the post is blank : )
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        Your thoughts are welcome and appreciated

        My mother was the first one in her family to go to college. Growing up in Louisiana in the 1950’s she never thought she would have that opportunity. Few women of any color had the opportunity to go to college back then. But my mother is a genius so she got to go. There was a 25% quota for women in her college. Much has changed and much has not. I was fortunate to get a college education and even a Masters Degree. I learned that it is not only that you get an education but where you get it. So, we are preparing our son for an Ivey league education so he will have every opportunity we didn’t have. The tribe is ensuring that he will have the money when he needs it.

        I found out last night that those 8 Americans that just got killed were CIA. There is so much more going on behind the scenes that we have no idea. Our military has been sending drones into Pakistan and Yemen for some time so there is already a lot of military activity all around the world that we rarely have any knowledge of it.
        I support our troops too. They have a job to do and they are doing it. If I was kidnapped by those terrorists, I would know that our guys and gals were going to get me out, whatever it took because they are committed professionals and I am an American. We sing songs for our vets and they deserve the honor they receive. They fight for our rights to question our government’s policies. It is out of respect for them that I question the policies that put them into harms way.

        I am not the type of person to serve in the military but I found a way to serve my country through federal service. I got a government job. The application process was not easy but I was determined so I figured it out. I am just a peon but feel fortunate to have the position I have been awarded. If anyone needs help applying for a federal job, I am happy to help. The more of us that work in the government, the more presence we have and the more our issues and concerns will be addressed.

        These forums are not always a safe place to put your views and ideas out there but it should be. We need to have more civil dialogue on these forums. We need to afford others the opportunity to say what’s on their mind without being attacked. Teasing is ok but sometimes the cynicism and mockery goes too far. I am enjoying our respectful exchange of ideas. Thank you.


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          More information

          Here is another article about what is currently going on in Yemen:

          Yemeni forces storm al-Qaida hide-out, arrest 1 -


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            yellowthunders mama; It's been a pleasure conversing with you, learning more from you, your veiws, and from the articles you shared, and I also thank you for all the time you shared.

            yes, I guess it does matter where one receive's ones education, and I see your all looking forward to seeing this through, your both such good parents and a strong tribe standing behind you looking out for the young minds of the tribe, that's 'Tribal'.

            I think it's something our tribe, all tribes, should be doing for their students and young minds of thier tribe,
            I will say, it might help eliminate some of the corruption our people have been living through, lately, for years.

            I've been thinking about tribal help, education, fundings / support, the war and the Veterans,
            under the idea of being able to freely think or to freely speak your mind without being beatin', or riddiculed.

            I am in now way close to any of your achievements, or your families achievements, my education stoped at the GED, community college.
            I'm a man of no standings in my own tribe, but our family have been called one of the last traditional families of our reservation,
            we have our own family drum group, we sang for all the veterans and sang songs that made the people dance, as did our Grandfather when he returned from WW1.
            not any more, our older folks are all gone now, I'm one of the remaining oldest of the families group, with very little if no standings in our tribe, nor family, just a man that knows a few songs. ( I have older brother and older cousins, but, their quietly watching and waiting,).

            In the education department, we lost our community college, &, for the first time in years - our tribal high school was just recently insurred, our tribe has no community library and now homeless tribal members, ( just now being noticed) and I guess our tribe, along with other tribes, has recently asked the Federal Government for some kind of fundings help.

            I do have ideas as to why our tribe fell so far into debt and hardships, I saw the tribal protest's, and all the other non-tribal activities taken place after protest's or meetings on Tribal Issues. And then the War enlarged.

            everything became about the Veterans, I noticed our tribe Honored the veterans at the beginning of every pow-wow and at the end of every pow-wow, which is where I saw we stand under the flag at all times,

            I started wondering where our veterans stood in all the tribal corruptions taking place on our reservation, If the people questioned the corruption, shouldn't the veterans be standing behind the people?, are they not the peoples warriors too?, or just the Gov't's warriors?, in all, they are still tribal members too.
            I asked why we haven't seen them supporting the people questioning for their and for their children's fundings that were missing, missused, or said to be 'unaccounted for', Theres just so much of it, for years, if the people can see it, can't they?.

            a few years ago, The federal courts told the people they should be ashamed of themselves for questioning the soverignty of their elected leaders. as if they 'all' voted for these leaders, now people are homeless, others are having a hard time, but the new council stated that the tribe doesn't have anything to help anyone with, no money left, so they joined in with other tribes to ask the federal gov't for more help.

            but, we all know why we are in such a great debt. it's because there's not enough people questioning it or, maybe the right people are not questioning any of it, or, no one is listening, there's always something else, either way, it seems were in debt because somehow it's all our own fault, the fault of the people as a whole.
            a few bad apples can hold down a whole tribe, but that doesn't mean the whole basket is full of bad apples.

            I asked this of our veterans during the questioning of all the tribal corruptions, but, the whole idea of it must have been the wrong thing for a guy like me to ask. It didn't come out good and I only angered the veterans and some of the people, most of the people, all of the people.

            I meant no disrespect to our veterans, but some veterans were on council at the time too, (always).
            but I also called on all of our Traditionalists, Tough guys, Gang leaders, gangters, Churches, as Jesus was a radical dealing with corruptions in his own peoples holy temple.
            I included all tribal members, it's all their funds too, including their families, and other tribal families, all tribally.

            when it comes to tribal corruptions, it doesn't much matter which side were on, were usually all downed if we do and downed if we don't, except for being deeper in debt the following day. &, all this without the taste of khat.

            one of my cousins told me she heard a rumor, , I was bannished from the tribe, another cousin told me, they can't do that.
            'Rumors' over took the issues, and in the end, here we are standing back in front of the Gov't's door asking for a little more help.

            Regardless of what they say or, think of me, the facts of the debts, and the needs remains the same, and has been for Years.

            ( it's safer sharing this story on the net then it is standing in the middle of the reservation telling the same story to people who already know & who are watching daily everything that's taking place. including seeing the new Homeless).
            this much I do know : )

            And now, Getting back to the War at hand, still, I say, we must support our troops, protest the war ( if willing ), but we must never loose the support for the troops, their fighting for our Freedoms, and some of them may be our next future leaders.
            because of this, I do wish them our Best.

            Happy Holidays,!!!!

            we wish you all a Healthy and Happy New Year.


            P/s, old news and new beginnings.


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              Your story is familiar

              Your story is so familiar and is happening and has happened both tribally and inter-tribally many times over. It makes me sad to hear it again. My family is inter-tribal. My husband 50/50 and chose his Mother’s tribe for political membership. He was Chairman of an inter-tribal community center some years back and discovered past board members had stolen a lot of funds and property for the community center. Those people had used the funds to start other non-profits and became pillars of the community. Not wanting their dark secrets to come out they sent their goon squads after us. Little did they know we had no interest in exposing them but just wanted to get the center back on its feet again because of both the historical significance of the center and the fact that the community needed the center. I started thinking and wondering why these things keep happening over and over. And I think it has to do with what happens to a person when their basic needs are not met as a child. When a child goes hungry, they stop trusting that there is enough food to go around even if there is a great abundance right in front of their eyes. And this can happen to an entire people too when a whole tribe or entire inter-tribal community has to go without basic needs being met, the psychology of living in lack can trick the mind into thinking that it is ok to steal from your own people. The mind is tricked into thinking that the funds will only be around temporarily and it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy and they cycle continues, creating more lack and tricking more minds.
              I am happy to hear about your family drum. The drum has the power to connect people spiritually and when a family sits around the drum together, it deepens the connections already there. Also, if there are issues to be worked out with the people sitting around the drum, those issues will come out because that is what needs to happen for healing to occur. Keep singing and praying with your family and when you are alone. Pray for the members of your tribe to turn their hearts, minds and spirits to the abundance that is all around – to our religions (whatever they may be) that teach us to share and what sharing really means. Pray for healing from the all the tricks that lack plays on our minds. The drum has power and your prayers have power. I will pray for you too and for your family and tribe. Your “standing in the tribe” is not at issue. You still have all the rights that tribal membership gives you. And you have the right to question and you have the right to have those questions answered.
              A GED is something to be proud of. The GED test gets harder and harder every year. Some people with Ph.D.s cannot pass the GED test. It is true.
              I wish you a happy new year too! Many blessings to you and yours!


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                As I mentioned before, I meant no disrespect to the men and women of the Armed Forces.

                It's exactly the way you said it was with your husbands tribe, for years and years and years, we have been hearing the people complain about misused tribal funds, unaccountablitites, misuse of Soverignty, ( when funds came to rez, for any reasons, with Gov't. Guidelines, we have soverignty on our rez. we can make our own rules on our rez., and we can also deside if we found a better use for the Federal funds else where, and all the borrowing without anything being replaced took the tribe deeper into debt, our tribes deepest debt ever with very little to show for any of it.).

                Many of the spokes people were women, most of the other's were elders.
                When the Federal Judge told the people they should be 'ashamed' of questioning the soverignty of their elected leaders, things died down, shamefully.

                ( I noticed, that If you questioned the people on a political level, they responded to you on a personal level, this frightened many people, the women and the elders. ).

                I've seen and heard Elders stand and talk and question the tribal council, many of whom are no longer here with us today, except in spirit.
                recently, I heard of other's questioning the tribal council, the questions were some of the same questions that were asked just a few short years ago, it was like a merry go around.

                I thought, What is it that they didn't do yet?.
                And then I thought of our Veterans, their status as warriors, protecters of the people?, They have one of the largest organizations in the country, all veterans have organizations on their own reservations, United, they are one of the largest organizations, including with their families and standing supporters.
                I thought, if the Tribe and the people Honor, respected and recognized the veterans always, then maybe the Veterans would listen to the people and be in support when the people talked to the tribal council. ( respected men talking to respected men )

                It turned out to be one of my most dangerous requests of all time because I didn't think to think there might be a veteran on council : ) and there was, usually at most times, if not at 'all' times.

                but as I mentioned, I also put the call out to all the tough guys on the rez., the gang leaders, gangsters, 'tribal' Warriors.

                as I wrote before, It didn't matter what side different tribal members were on, when we lost anything, we all lost, Tribally.

                One of our Great Indigenous Chiefs once said, "Anything we do to the earth, we do to ourselves".
                today we have to say, "Anything we do to our tribe, we do to ourselves, we do to our children".

                Then, I saw the news-papers, ( I saw the article was posted here in Native Issues too ), we were losing our lands, no money left to help the people, the people are in great need, we request more funds.
                (and I silently thought to myself and to the spirits of my relatives, " I wonder why? " : )

                I do know we are not as bad off as yemen or any other third world countries, where they are in the war zones, No one is bombing us, we are not selling our children and people are not stealing our children, for money nor, sex.

                Right where our tribe is now, today, 'speaks for itself', I only hope this is the worst debt our tribe will ever get itself into, , , , even if it is just wishfull thinking.

                I do thank you for your time, thoughts and prayers, and I shall pray for you and all, In the same,
                one thing we natives are good at is 'praying' : ) the rest, , , , still needs a little work.

                On another topic, Have you ever seen "Going Native"?, it's all Native guys telling jokes, comedy.
                anyways Chrlie Hill pointed something out, , , , He said, , , ,
                They call us "Native Americans", He says, " We are older then America, , How can we be called something that we are older then?" : )

                anyways, it's funny, and it's good for the morale : )

                Have a Healthy and Happy New Year.!!!!


                ( I might have to change my handle to , , , ,


                : )
                politically correct. ( ? ).


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                  Part 2 of the story

                  Your story has prompted me to think of part 2 of the story of my husband’s Chairmanship at a historical inter-tribal community center. Because the community was so used to getting ripped of, they automatically assumed that anyone in the Chairman’s position was going to rip them off. The people who really did do the ripping off, years earlier, started a rumor that my husband was stealing from the community center. The reality was that he stole nothing and, in fact, volunteered 4 years of his life with no compensation for his work, whatsoever. There was nothing left to steal. The place was in a shambles when he became a board member and began working with the Chairperson before him to put it back together. With no evidence presented to the community, they took the bait and believed the rumor completely. The reality was that he continued the work of the Chairperson before him and completed the process of being awarded a Community Block Development Grant and hired an all-Indian crew to put a new roof on the building. The building had needed a new roof for about 15 years – many years before he took office. He also made sure the back taxes were paid that had not been paid for about 15 years since the place had been pilfered. The real work that he did and many sacrifices that he made were never acknowledged and the unfounded rumors continued. Many of the board members became board members simply to run interference. So, my husband initiated a full audit, gave the keys to the vice-chair and resigned his office. If he was guilty of anthing, it would have been revealed in the audit that he initiated. That was 10 years ago.
                  This scenario plays out over and over too in our communities. I am not implying that this was the case for you but perhaps the federal judge who shamed the naysayers had seen this scenario play out many times and assumed it was happening again. And perhaps the veterans who refused to help also had seen the scenario play out one too many times as well. One thing I would ask every Indian to do before accusing any of their leaders of misappropriation of funds is ask themselves honestly if there is any proof. We all expect to get ripped of which is a natural response to getting ripped off in every imaginable way but it also can get in the way of empowering our true leaders who really do want to help and are working hard to do so. The expectation of getting ripped of can cloud our judgment in not being able to see a true leader right before our very eyes.
                  I mean no disrespect – just something to think about.
                  Your point that you noticed when asking questions that are not personal, the response is always personal – this is not appropriate. And I have noticed people (not you) who question Elders and leaders of their tribe also turn things personal in an inappropriate way. In any case, it is always a good idea to have solid proof before hurling accusations. On the other hand, you always have the right to question your leaders without making accusations. So maybe the leaders you questioned were so used to being accused of things they didn’t do they assumed you were hurling accusations when you were only asking questions. More to think about…
                  On the other subject. I will look for the “Going Native” comedy special on Showtime. It is getting great reviews!


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                    No : ) it was the 'Council', the auditor found much problems with the audit, the council that hired him, also fired him before he completed his audit. this is the first time I ever revealed his story.
                    And if we ever had gotten an investigation in tribe corruption, I would have asked them to talk to the Auditor, I still have his name and number.
                    When the Auditor called me (personally) and told me this story, He said there was a meeting in the Federal Building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, even the BIA was there, except, he wasn't invited, from this meeting he was fired, He said, 'this is the first time in his whole career as an auditor that he never finished his job as an Auditor'.
                    it sounds as if an Auditor can find all the proof that’s needed? : )

                    Gov.'t fundings, misplaced funds, misused funds, it was the council & their 'Soverignty', the people complained the funds were not getting to the right places, and theres only one council on our reservation that can do that : )
                    As for us, it was our leaders : )

                    this is the worst our tribe has been since we've became citizens with an account.

                    another late tribal chairman told me, , , , "When people run for elections, and they say they want to get to the bottom of the corruptions and address all of our tribal issues, they are not lying, they really do want to do something, but when they do get into office, Someone, or, Something changes their mind and their dragged into it".

                    It's as if we have a puppet master ????. if that’s the case, then "Who" has that kind of power?. the BIA?. Feds?.
                    An outside Agitator?, an outside 'On the Rez' agitator?.... He didn't say, even he was a former tribal chairman that once filed charges on the tribal council over the use of, or, misuse of tribal funds.

                    Anyways, you know the stories from your husband's Chairman position, and then you heard our stories from, , , , 'some of the peoples' on the other side.

                    so now you have both sides, two views.
                    It's not Divide and Conqure, maybe more of, "Who gets to get some", "who's allowed some".

                    What's "Shameful" is that it's Shamefull that it's been allowed to take us this far for so long,.
                    and; as I mentioned before, Where our tribe is now, today, speaks for itself.

                    Here's one:
                    Did you know, if a white man lived on a reservation for sometime, this whiteman can become a tribal chairman and build himself an empire on our little bitty reservations?. well, it's true, and under the watchful eye of the BIA's protection, possibilly to lift the Blood quantum on reservations, or, at least on our reservation,
                    ( when this was pointed out, the Federal courts rulled it would dretramental to his family if blood issues were used. )
                    Traditionally, they 'use' to say, , " One man, or, One Family is not important then that of the tribe as a whole ".

                    Were also suppose to be recognized as a Treaty tribe, whatever that means anymore. I know Treaties can't protect our lands, maybe some lands, but not all "Treaty Protected Lands", for instance, "some choosen Allotments" on our reservation are no longer protected by Treaties, and due to the increasing tribal debts, were losing our lands and losing the use of tribal lands.

                    Shamefully, our tribe may be the first, or, One of the first to be desolved into the states. . . .
                    Unless we get some Honest Leaders who are willing to place themselves 'below the people', for the people.

                    One day, a bright young man, or women, will rise above all the rest of the others, for the others to see, A brave person, One the people can count on, this brave young person will stand and say to the people , , , , "Our Emporer is Naked" !!!! : )

                    we can only hope : )

                    My proof to all this is the people's proof, and there was much of it.
                    but two court rullings shamed us all.

                    The idea of Sovereignty can Help us rebuild, but, misused, Sovereignty can destroy us. shame us.

                    just like words, words can help us rebuild and words can also be used to destroy us / ourselves.
                    the ripples of standing in hot water : )

                    I said "Our tribe is in debt, and divided, our Elders are complaining and being Threatened, and Intimidted, men are being beatin' and threatened, this has been going on for years and years, Where are the peoples warriors?, Where are our Veterans?, where is our tough guys?, Gang leaders, Gangsta's?, Our Elders need protection so they can speak and live accordingly".

                    this is all I said : ) but I was also the internet connections guy for some of the people without computers,
                    and I sent information back from off the internet, I met other people from our reservation on the internet too, but they were more talking traditional, something I didn't see happening on our reservation at the time, but by then I was already labeled as a trouble maker and the rumors started on me and on the other people questioning the issues. ( as for me, I was for more bigger "ideas" then anything else : )
                    I put a lot of stuff out on the internet ( the peoples proof and questions ) that angered a lot of people, as it showed, "we were not one big happy traditional tribal family" : ) unquote.
                    and today, Now see where we are,
                    Maybe we just don't have anything to invest in.
                    And; I never once got a check from our casino : )

                    I didn't mean any disrespect to our men and women in the Armed Forces, I just thought if their giving their lives for other peoples freedom, why not stand for our own peoples?.
                    some of the young people over there in the war zones will be our future leaders here, I hope for their safe return and a happy joyful life here.

                    One of them maybe the bright young person that will rise above the rest for the good of the people.

                    we wish them our best.

                    Have a Healthy and Happy New Year.!!!! ( to the Four Directions )

                    soon to be "IndigenoustoIndian".

                    P/s, eveything I wrote here, about our tribe, has placed me on the black list before and will no doubt put me back on the list again, but some have never been under the table, some have no idea how it is under the table, it's unbelieveable.

                    ( Honor and Respect ).


                    • #25
                      a short note:

                      One former tribal chairman once said, ," Treaties?, the treaties, they served their purposes." : )

                      Maybe I should have never asked for the veterans help, maybe, I asked in the wrong way?, or, Maybe I should have never even said anything, but, actually, I was only repeating something I heard from an elder speaking traditionally about the peoples protectors.
                      he also said, , "I wonder what our ancestors think of us today?".
                      either way, Nothing happen, no investigations or anything, what was done was done as is and can't be changed, only retold, hopefully not retold through the ideas of 'rumors'.
                      'rumors' are used in , what I heard one indigenous man call it, , 'Identity Assassination'.

                      The thoughts of our tribal issues all came back when I saw the news story, our newly elected tribal chairman requesting that the 'people' are in need of more funds and help,
                      And when you mentioned schools and tribal interests in your son's education.
                      Your tribe is truely blessed in good ways, I'm sure our tribe has the same capabilities to rebuild itself, we too, come from strong people / Ancestors, it'll take a good leader, some time and long goals but our people have survived before, I'm sure they will again, Our people need every chance they can get.
                      ( if not, shamefully, there will always be the "State" to fall back on : )
                      Our own doings will speak for itself in a few years.

                      For the moment, I hope the Federal Government will give / help our tribe with everything it needs to rebuild itself.
                      I for one still remember how it was when I was homeless, hungry, without interest and at most times, no where to go, really nothing to do, so I drank to get drunk. ( I've been sober now for the past 19 years, I even quit smoking cigarettes for the past 10 years : ).
                      but, I couldn't / can't imagine being homeless with children. the news paper said, 'and people are homeless'.

                      When it comes to this, we can use all the help we can get : ) New Year, New Beginnings.

                      In trying to get back on track, , "The War", there and here,
                      I meant no disrespect to the troops,
                      we wish / pray for the best for our troops,
                      we know some of these may be our future tribal leaders, future leaders.

                      P/s. President Obama was really angry at his press release today, they failed to connect the dot's, he said,
                      the other people said, , "they said the samething after 9/11".
                      I hope the information is not being overlooked on purpose, otherwise more people really are in danger.

                      Their here to 'kill infidels'?, that's us too?.
                      "they have this mistaken belief that God rewards evil".

                      soon to be


                      • #26
                        the black list

                        I know what it is like to be put on a black list for pointing out the bad habits had to die in the community. Our orientation toward the meaning of wealth has sure changed with the insistence on thinking either/or instead of both/and in the assimilated world. The richest family used to be the family that was fortunate enough to be able to give the most away. We don’t honor that the way we used to. How can we? – Living in prisoner of war allotted land. How can we? Asking for what belongs to no one and everyone.
                        When I was unemployed last year, I started going to a church and wrote them a community impact need based grant from our local United Way. The grant was to be used to start a food pantry in an underserved part of my local community. The church had not been awarded a grant before because they couldn’t afford a financial review, which costs less than an audit. So, I wrote the cost of the financial review into the grant and found a CPA firm that would do a partial donation of services. It was a lot of work, especially when I was applying to about 10 jobs a week at the time. It came time for the financial review to begin and the church “leaders” pulled out of the process. I was devastated that all my heard work was for nothing. I wondered what they were so afraid of and how such a thing could happen. Church members came to me and said that the couple running the church didn’t know how to run a non-profit. The CPA wanted to teach them how to do all the paperwork properly. But in the end they turned away from their only chance to go “legit.”
                        I volunteered for Head Start and I am the current Chairperson of the Policy Council. The former bookkeeper was fired for not doing the budgeting and paperwork properly to prepare for a federal review. A federal review is serious work and a big deal. If a federal review reveals serious compliance issues, the program is lost. So too the tribe is lost when the books are cooked. The tribe should be paying for any member who wants to learn accounting and then hire those same members after they learned how to keep books properly. A lot of people just get in over their heads. Bookkeeping is a skill that few people just pick up. You have to have some schooling – especially when sovereignty issues are involved.
                        I was guided to write that grant for the church and obediently did it despite my growing concerns. At the same time the church “leaders” pulled out of the review/grant process with United Way, I got a great federal job! We just did a fundraising campaign at my new job for United Way and raised $50,000. Absolutely unheard of in this economy! Friday, I am invited to a dinner at United Way to be thanked for my work on the campaign which will help many people, suffering from unemployment in out community. It is hard to find a job when there are none! The people who invited me to the dinner were the same ones I was embarrassed to talk to after the church “leaders” pulled their BS. Things have a funny way of turning around. You stay true to your ethics and things will turn for you.
                        Thank you for sharing your story and for letting me share mine.


                        • #27
                          Response to part two

                          You were writing at the same time as me.
                          Congratulations on your sobriety! I have been sober since May of 1998, my husband for more than 20 years. Our miracle child was born to two sober parents in their 5th year of marriage and has a strong sense of identity at 4 years of age. I knew that he needed to grow up around a drum. He was singing before he could walk or talk and received his name before 4 months. The tribe does have it together financially. We are very fortunate for that. The constitution is strong. We cannot live on the rez because there is no work. I don’t want to work in the casino and the tribe won’t hire me so we had to go where the jobs are. Unfortunately there are not a lot of NDNs where the jobs are. Go figure.
                          Blessings and prayers…


                          • #28
                            yellowthunders mama;

                            At your dinner gathering this week, Beware of Uninvited Guest, there seems to be much of that going on lately : )
                            that and Party Crashers : )

                            I too thank you for all the time you shared, for all your thoughts,
                            You're a very good person.

                            Learning something new in a good way is always a plasure, Thank you.

                            Thank you very much.

                            have a wonderful dinner, you've earned it.

                            Have a Healthy and Happy New Year.!!!!
                            ( to you and to the four directions ).

                            Our Best,
                            take care.

                            ( IndigenoustoIndian : )


                            • #29
                              My pleasure

                              Yes, hopefully no one will "Salahi" the event. I do not think anyone would be expecting that.
                              Thank you for your posts. Creator knows your shante washte.
                              To the Four Directions
                              Blessings and prayers my new friend.


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