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Let's Talk About Some Cool Aboriginal People

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  • yaahl
    Olympic athletes:

    Alwyn Morris, Mohawk from Kahnawake, Quebec held an eagle feather high above his head when he was presented with the Olympic gold medal for 2 man kayaking at the Los Angeles Games.

    He joins Billy Mills and Jim Thorpe as the third Aboriginal person to win a gold medal in the Olympics.

    Aaron Marchant, an aboriginal from B.C.'s Squamish Nation, has developed one of Canada's few aboriginal focused sports programs, the First Nations Snowboard Team. The program has expanded immensely and now has aboriginal snowboarders training on 10 mountains, nine in British Columbia and one in Washington State. Team members must maintain a C+ average and be drug and alcohol free.

    There were two aboriginal athletes on Canada's Summer Olympics team in Beijing, modern pentathlete Monica Pinette and wheelchair basketball team member Richard Peter.

    Just google lacross and you'll find even more Aboriginal athletes who particpate at all levels of the sport.

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  • yaahl
    First Nation Folks:

    Mary Johns Sr
    from the Carrier Nation. Author of two books, and leader in language perservation. Awarded the Order of Canada.

    Adam Beach from the Saulteaux Nation of Manitoba. Canadian actor who shares the screen with other First Nation actors such as Graham Greene (Oneida), Lorne Cardinal (Cree), Tantoo Cardinal (Cree), Monique Mojica, Elaine and Tina Bomberry, Tom Jackson, Tina Keeper, Irene Bedard to name a few.

    Musicans and singers that are First Nations include, Kastin, Robbie Robertson, Lee Cremo, Wab Kinew and the list goes on and on...

    Hockey players, George Armstrong (Algonquian), Ted Nolan (Anishnabe), Jonathan Cheechoo (Cree), Jon Mirasty (Cree) are found along with other First Nation athletes, Tom Longboat (Onondaga), Aatsista-Mahkan (Blackfoot),

    Artists such as Bill Reid, Norval Morisseau, Jane Poitras and Gerald McMaster keep our images alive through carving, painting and jewellery making. The list is long...

    Next up.. the Inuit and Metis people...

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  • yaahl
    started a topic Let's Talk About Some Cool Aboriginal People

    Let's Talk About Some Cool Aboriginal People

    Up here in Canada, Aboriginal is a term used to describe the First Nation, Metis and Inuit peoples.

    In recent years we've had some pretty cool people take up the challenge to move all of forward as a people. I thought talking about them would help some of our youth realize that all is not lost and we are getting stronger as a people.

    So here's some of the folks that are and have made a difference. Let's celebrate these awesome folk and encourage our youth to look to them for strength.

    Please add in the names and bio of folks that you know of that are making a difference in your communities, families, organizations, country, politics, health and education.

    Aboriginal People as Provincial Lt Governors:

    A Lt Governor is the Queen's representative at the Provincial level.

    James Bartleman from the Mnjikaning First Nation was appointed as the Lt Governor of Ontario in 2002.

    He is quoted as saying:

    It seems history has come full circle. More than 200 years ago, the Anishinabe people welcomed the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, Sir John Graves Simcoe, to their territory. And now I, their descendant, am being welcomed by you as the Sovereign's representative...

    James K. Bartleman, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 2001
    Ralph Steinhauer of the Chiniki Cree Nation appointed as Lt Governor of Alberta in 1974.

    W.Yvon Dumont, Metis was appointed as the Lt Governor of Manitoba in 1993.

    Steven Point, from the Skowkale First Nationwas appointed as the Lt Governor of British Columbia in 2007.

    Graydon Nicholas, born on the Tobique Indian Reserve and was appointed the Lt Governor of New Brunswick in 2009.

    Chief Joseph Mathias of the Squamish First Nation was witness to two Sovereigns coronations in London, 1911 and 1953.
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