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  • Help please!

    Hey out there.

    Ok I know this is gonna sound incredibly stupid... but try not to give me too much of a hard time for it please.

    Ok so, my uncle was supposed to teach me Lakota (I know a little bit but not much... there's a backstory as to why I don't know my Native tounge. Long story short, my mother is ashamed of who she is...)but he hasn't and probably won't have the time to teach me anytime soon. My grandfather has no idea how to help cause he and my uncle live far away. Can't ask my mother cause she doesn't know Lakota and probably will never want to learn.

    Anyway to my point. Are there any Lakota people or people that know how to speak Lakota that can help me out to learn. Or if you know of any programs where I could learn it. One thing about that though, my brain works in a way that I have to hear the it being spoken I can't just read it, I won't learn it that way.

    I'm incredibly embarassed to ask this but I don't have much else of a choice lol.

    Anyway if anybody could help me I'd really appriciate it.

    Hope everybody's having a great day!
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    You can learn the language from language learning programs sold on the web, understanding how to speak it, what would and wouldn't typically be said is another story. There are other things too. More than I know to be sure. Most of the language programs on the web nowadays have cds. Since Lakota was originally a spoken language, different written programs use different phonological systems to represent sounds making reading and writing difficult on a computer sometimes and learning from a book somewhat challenging. Maybe once you learn a few things on your own, you will get some help. I cannot help you other than this. If you know another language, sometimes people will trade learning, on the web I've seen a case or two of people trading like that between native and non-native languages.


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