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Survey for graduating student Please help!

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  • Survey for graduating student Please help!

    Hello everyone
    I will be graduating in December with two bachelors (Mass Communication and Art).
    I am taking a last senior class on Mass Media Research and have to create a research project.
    I have made a 10 question (real quick!) survey about Native images on television. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to do this quick survey.
    Thank you!
    Barbara Miller
    Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
    Crazed 20 credit hour senior! help!

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    more about survey

    I wanted to thank the 5 brave people that have filled out my survey, and to plead with more people to please fill it out. It's just a quick itty bitty 10 question survey.
    I thought if I told you more about me, it might encourage all these people reading this thread to do the survey.
    I'm a member of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
    I want to write for television
    My first spec script took 3rd place in the Spec Spectacular at (you can read it there if you want)
    I want to write Native characters into regular shows to prove we A- We don't only exist before 1900
    B- We don't only exist on the rez
    C- We are not their fantasy/nightmare/whatever- we're ourselves and human
    So please help me out here
    Thank you


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      I will fill it out if you want me to, but I am only "of descent" mixed race, not legally affiliated with any tribe.


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        You might want to try contacting writers such as Jordan Wheeler (wrote numerous episodes for Arctic Air etc and some awesome novels) and Drew Hayden Taylor.

        There are a few associations for Native filmakers, writers and artist as well as the techie folks like camera, sound and SFX.

        Beth Brant also wrote a stunning short story on native women and their representation in the media.

        They are all approachable folks and love to speak to students who want to get into the biz.
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