Damned how often must I say - no one has the right to kill other people

Selfdefence maybe the only way but - man, are they all a bunch of sadists? Those that kill people, animals, mother earth? Greedy sadists. Or is it just a male thing to steam off aggressions?Being the mighty one, huh? Idiots, low IQ or what? Man let people live. Boundaries are artificial. Mother earth is a place for everybody. People should go whereever they want to go as long as they respect what's already there where they go. Genocide is stupid stupid stupid and gross and not acceptable. Wayyyy... alone the word acceptable in this matter is wrong. It is a crime! NO worse than that. If someone wants to go to a different culture and live there, then this someone should accept and respect that and not try to push their own ways and culture upon them. And if they have their own culture, and no way else to go but elsewhere then they should work out a peaceful way of co-exsistance. Whishful thinking I guess? Genocide damned! Gross, unbearable! So, my thoughts. Sorry can't change the past but always can change the future for the bette of mankind - if stupid people would learn. Man, I am fedup with all these battles on earth.

And good for the NDN's when they defeated this one time.