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Are Hawaiians and Chamorous Native American..?

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  • muskrat_skull
    How do these people view themselves? Do they want to be "American Indians"?

    Some peoples were called "Indians" but were not "American" Indians. So I think you can be Indian without being American Indian. Hawaiians are definitely Native American, can you be Native American without being American Indian? Is the a benefit to being American Indian vs. Native American, is there a club or do you get a keyring or something? Does it matter? I don't know.

    I think from a dna perspective, Hawaiians should be considered American Indian if they want to be. I always consider them to be, all indigenous peoples of the Americas North and South.

    If Guam was part of the US or Americas or is in some form or fashion, then probably yes to them, too. Not all of America was American through history, France, Spain and Britain all ruled parts. America as an entirety is fairly new. I'm not really up on geography.

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  • Joe's Dad
    Can they build a casino on their tribal land??? LOL. j/k

    This topic makes for a good discussion. Are we talking 'political' Native Americans'? 'Ethnocentric' Native Americans? Do they want the same status as Federally Recognized tribes? If they do want federal recognition, should they receive it before the Lumbees and other 'indigenous to the land' tribes who are currently petitioning the government for Federal Recognition?

    If they can't answer it in Washington, we can sure answer it on!!!


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  • AmigoKumeyaay
    They are Natives of their Islands. Now, those islands are part of USA.

    Chamorros of Guam were colonized by Spain in early 1500's and converted to catholicism...much like Native of California / southwest. (Most, not all)

    After Spanish-American war of 1898, Guam was U.S. territory. Then during WWII they were invaded by Japan, with a brutal occupation until 1944.

    U.S. Armed Forces landed on Guam, and the Japanese were dug-in with tough defenses.

    The USMC Navajo Code Talkers were credited with the success in re-taking of Guam, keeping Japanese radio interceptors confused while U.S. forces out-witted the Japanese counter-attack, which was brutal and suicidal.

    Okay, now it's Good Times, and Chamorro (Chamoru) culture is thriving!

    March 23, 2013 in San Diego there will be Chamorro Cultural CHELU Festival,

    Chamoro Cultural Fest

    Celebrating the people of the Mariana Islands Hafa Adail! Ta Fanhita! Chamorro food, island crafts and info booths, cultural music, entertainment and workshops. A special event concert at 8pm. Opportunities to win an iPad and an Island trip.
    Organization: Chelu

    When: Saturday, March 23, 2013 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Where: Market Creek Plaza, 310 Euclid Ave., San Diego, CA 92114

    Cost: No details
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  • Itzhecatl
    I would say they are indigenous to their lands. Native American implies they have native ancestry in the Americas. There are tons of people who are indigenous but are just not native to these (N.America) lands.

    My .02

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  • delila77
    thats a very mixed question. i know down south its like the old questions are mexicans native? in my family its a big time no. there are tribes out in us that formed a tribe after it being mixed with another race and with my family its same answer is they aint ndn. personally, i always go with who am i to judge. i consider myself to be open minded to an extent.seriously i would ask hawaiians, but you know some could say yes and some could say they aint. u might get a mixture of answers, but despite the answers at least they follow their traiditions and have a community. so its all good.

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  • Chevy_truckin_NDN
    Originally posted by Joe's Dad View Post
    Are these people near the Americas?
    These people?

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  • Chevy_truckin_NDN
    buh. I consider myself an indigenous native american. If I had my choice, I would rather have been enrolled Hawaiian than Cheyenne.....

    Just kidding.....bwahahahaha. I'm both. Just to make that clear. And yes, I do consider my self a Native American. but maybe you should ask Hawaiians how they feel? My other family from the islands consider themselves is that better than being native american? dunno myself. . . .

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  • Joe's Dad
    Are these people near the Americas?

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  • RestlessN8iv
    As an admitted "culture vulture" of Polynesian heritage, (Not that I wear necklaces of Maori bone carvings, and flowered shirts or anything)I'd be hard pressed to give an unbiased opinion.

    That said I'm not sure where to draw the line. Do we only consider someone an Indian if they originate to the continental Americas, or do we include the islanders as well? It's an interesting question.

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  • Ananse
    started a topic Are Hawaiians and Chamorous Native American..?

    Are Hawaiians and Chamorous Native American..?

    I don't post here often, but I enjoy reading the forums! My apologies for asking a question without having yet introduced myself!

    In your opinion, do you consider Hawaiians and Chamorous as Native Americans? This is a question that has been burning in my mind for quite some time. My ex husband is a full blood Chamorou from Rota, and during my time amongst him and his people it became quite clear to me that there are numerous cultural similarities. My own elders begged to differ and stressed that though they were Natives of their respective islands they still weren't our people.

    Several of my Native peers, on the other hand, totally acknowledge them as being Native Americans. So, ime there seems to have been a generational shift in the approach as to whether they are or aren't Native American.

    I guess I was just curious to see what other opinions on the subject were!
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