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Concerning Medicine, I don't know where else to post

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  • wyo_rose
    Welcome to MHS did do an amazing explanation.

    I just have one thing to add. I don't see where you stated that you're male or female, or why it was recommended that you don't "train" with your dad. But he seems to be the key, (that was right under your nose all along), especially if you're male.

    And if you're female, I'm sure he would have good suggestions there.

    Good luck!

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  • wardancer
    Originally posted by milehighsalute View Post
    and no mention of winkte hill

    i just kinda thought to myself....."what would olchemist say?"

    im not as nice or precise as her but i thought id give it a try
    Dang , I'll have to quit bad talkin' you to mopoopi !

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  • milehighsalute
    and no mention of winkte hill

    i just kinda thought to myself....."what would olchemist say?"

    im not as nice or precise as her but i thought id give it a try

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  • gilisi
    You gotta change your avatar now MHS

    The holy micachuecano has spoken


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  • wardancer
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^

    Excellant post......MHS , you never cease to amaze me ! LOL

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  • milehighsalute
    im familiar with all tribes listed....beautiful people

    gotta remember that the great basin tribes are in the western equivalent to the bible belt.....but with mormons and many of those tribes lost their beliefs long ago.....not completely but the ratio of traditionalists vs christians seem to be tilted heavily in the christians favor.......and as you know its a sin for christians to practice or even acknowledge medicine

    i dont know the situation with your dad......and truthfully being a city injun you lose out on a few things......i was raised away from my people, but i did go visit often when i was a child though now its once a year or so....i did learn much, but there is much more i DIDNT i am a recipient of some good ol pan-injunism through POWWOW

    so i get invited to sweats and such, and invited to prayer alot.....and many times i go, but i remember i am a GUEST when i do

    so if you are ever asked to observe another tribes ways.....and they accept you as indian.....remember to act according to your ndn blood and not your white blood and be polite, graciously accept, keep your mouth shut and ears open and LEARN

    the first thing you should do is try to connect with YOUR tribal offices, look for social events you can attend, visit cultural center.....if you can figure out any relatives try to find them via facebook and have light conversations with you would like to meet them if you go to a social as many people as you can.....if you get close to them get an address and send pics of your fam and some coffee once in a while..........but do NOT start asking about medicine......and if it comes up briefly in a convo let them carry the conversation......among southwest tribes it is considered rude and will be fastest way to get silent treatment when fishing for that info

    if you really are ndn, and really need the things the right way and be patient and trust me the medicine will find you

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  • Concerning Medicine, I don't know where else to post


    I go by Min, I am half white (french,scottish,irish,welsh) and I am half Indegenous partially as an enrolled Mojave, and I am also Hualapai and Yavapai which are all tribes in Northern Arizona near the Grand Canyon.
    Before we jump into this I'm going to give some need to know background that explains why I am asking online. When I was 4 my Mother and Father split and he wanted my Mom to take me, so my mother and I moved to Northern California near the Hupa, Yurok, and Karok tribes. While I do take part in Bird dancing and made a big effort when I was younger to call my Dad and ask questions about our belief system, there is a lot you can't do over the phone. Now for a Brief Family History, my grandfather and my father both practiced medicine, and our family is considered to have strong medicine, and my sister and I have some as well. Now the issue at hand. As of recent I have been told that I need to find a teacher or a trainer to teach me how to control my interactions and understand and such. This is the tricky part, as I would like to have that guidance, since I was not raised on either of the reservations( let alone the state) I do not have a way of knowing who I could ask. And it was recommended that I not train with my dad due to our current relationship. The rest of my native family is not involved with medicine or does not know of anyone. So if anyone knows someone experienced in medicine that would be will to train/teach/ or at least help me figure out and understand this, or knows someone who knows someone in Arizona, preferably one of my tribes just incase anything happening is specific to them, Paiute would be the closest after those I was told. I just don't know where to go with this, I'm not sure if it would be insulting my Dad to ask him about someone else so I haven't talked to him about finding someone to help me yet. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Ma'H Hankyu, Min

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