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Seeking your opinions and answers to some questions <3

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  • Seeking your opinions and answers to some questions <3

    A couple days ago, my friends and I (we're all Native/Pomo) had a conversation that sparked a few questions and caused quite a lot of debate and drama that I'm even now still dealing with. Things are tense, lmao.

    So, we got to talking about a couple people we know (that are somewhat "in" our friend group where most people are half to full native) that are mostly white and have small traces of native in them (to the point where I doubt a standard DNA test would show any native dna, but they definitely have native ancestors further back).

    They weren't raised Native, and I don't think their family was either.. but these people *are* respectful, trustworthy, passionate about the culture and community. They aren't trying to get accepted to the tribe or trying to find a way to get money, a scholarship, or to seem more ~*exotic*~.. if they were any of those things I absolutely wouldn't be friends with these people.

    They're in their late 20s and they have spent the past 4-5 years immersing themselves in their people and culture. To me, they are Native.. even though they are mostly White (with long-dead ancestors) and weren't raised Native. But I know not every Native in the world agrees with this.

    So, my questions for you all since I've given you some context:

    1. How much Native ancestry must someone have to call themselves Native, and are people beyond a certain % of ancestry excluded from that right?

    2. Should people with minuscule Native ancestry be "allowed" to connect with their tribe, participate in it, immerse themselves in their people and their people's issues/culture/ways, and call themselves Native? As long as it is genuine and sincere, obviously.

    3. For people who are mostly white and were not raised Native but 100% have Native ancestors (long-dead), is it too late for them to /be/ Native? To connect and be a part of the community? Should they not even try?

    I'd appreciate your opinions, answers, and perspective so much. Thank you in advance ♥

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    Just so you know, I deleted the post in Ancestry and Genealogy because it's a duplicate post. Thread titles show up on the right side so duplicates aren't necessary.

    I have a question for you. You say your friends have spent the last 4 or 5 years "immersing themselves in their people and their culture." My question is how are they doing that?
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      Originally posted by subeeds View Post
      Just so you know, I deleted the post in Ancestry and Genealogy because it's a duplicate post. Thread titles show up on the right side so duplicates aren't necessary.

      I have a question for you. You say your friends have spent the last 4 or 5 years "immersing themselves in their people and their culture." My question is how are they doing that?
      Oh okay, I wasn't sure! Sorry about that.

      And these are two people who specifically moved back up here (to Point Arena, CA area) to reconnect with their heritage. One lived in southern California and the other was from San Jose. They spend a lot of time on the reservation or at least spending time with/around the Natives who live there. Pretty much all their free time, honestly. We haven't known them for as long as we've known the rest of us so it's not as close of a friendship but I'd still consider them pretty decent friends of my friend group.

      We've had other White people try to connect here and there over the years and for the most part they were blatantly disingenuous and not trustworthy (ie they didn't have any real interest in the culture or the people, didn't really want to connect, just thought it'd be cool to call themselves n8v -_-). But these two people have always been eager to learn and listen.. I've never seen them interrupt anyone or talk over them, and they are especially respectful to elders. They also regularly help clean up the rez, and regularly buy a lot of food for the kids there.

      My people claim them, most importantly. And personally I see a lot more eagerness to learn, respect, and involvement from these people than a lot of other n8vs who were raised here. That's just my opinion tho -- I know a lot of other people feel the same way but obviously not everyone will agree.


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        oh rip, didn't realize it went into a moderate queue heh :>
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