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Schwarzenegger to seek $500M in gaming revenues

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  • Schwarzenegger to seek $500M in gaming revenues

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    Schwarzenegger to seek $500M in gaming revenues
    Friday, January 9, 2004

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) will propose to take $500 million in revenues from tribal casinos, The Los Angeles Times reports.

    In his first State of the State address on Tuesday, Schwarzenegger said he respects tribal sovereignty but that tribes should pay their fair share to the state. The following day, he appointed attorney Daniel Kolkey, who worked on compacts for former Gov. Pete Wilson (R), to renegotiate gaming agreements.

    Schwarzenegger is releasing his budget proposal today. Sources said the it would cut $1.3 billion from local governments, reduce money for transportation and cut back health benefits for low-income residents.

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    Relevant Documents:
    State of the State Address (January 6, 2004)

    Relevant Links:
    California Nations Indian Gaming Association -
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -

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    Hey all you Cali natives...what do you think about Ah-nolds idea to tax gaming tribes? Being from a broke tribe who cant even keep a bingo hall above water without going broke, I don't have any input. Do you guys get any per-cap from the gaming industry if your tribe has it? And if you guys accepting applications?!?:Chatter :Chatter :Chatter just kidding:Angel2
    yeah, yeah, yeah...

    ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

    If quizzes are "quizical"...What are tests?


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