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Women in Regalia Part 2.. white dancer discussion Part 1001

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    Originally posted by Kiwehnzii
    If you boot her off, you'll hafta boot me off too. I agree 100% with what she said.
    Might as well boot me off too. :)
    Hockey is soul food.


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      Originally posted by oneidagirl2003
      :clapping: I totally agree!!
      Me three:D I agree as well! :clapping:


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        Originally posted by Burberrilish
        Buuutttt you also gotta remember C-Rock and all you playing to be ndn... the eagle feathers are sacred and have their own power... and i've said it once before......

        it may not affect you in life AT THIS VERY MOMENT... but later in life.. it will affect you OR your family for NOT getting proper blessings :D
        An important point - and very true too!:D


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          Originally posted by Singing Eagle
          I gotta say something here and mato - don't boot me outta this place okay - I'm trying to do it in a good way!

          While I can appreciate that you enjoy dancing and playing at being an NDN - you certainly must understand where we are coming from. You claim we are judging you - and what right do we have? We're not judging we're trying to say things that our people have wanted to say for a hundred years but couldn't because our voices were taken from us through colonization and residential schools.

          We were taught by white people that what we have is wrong and should be put aside and we fought to keep it - many of us were brutalised over and over for speaking our language and for singing our songs. We were lined up and forced to cast our sacred items into a fire!

          Now a hundred or so years later - white people think it's cool to have all these things - cool to sing all the songs and cool to dress up and play NDN?

          I for one will stand up and say it's not cool - it's not okay for you to say she's wrong and who cares about her blood! You can say whatever you like to try to convince us that what you're doing is okay - you can mention all the names of everyone who has "taught" you or said it's okay - but it isn't okay now and will not be okay tomorrow or thwe next day or the next........

          Our people are just getting their strength back after all that colonization has done to us - to all of us! have some respect and let us have what has always been and will always be ours.

          That is our right and our responsibilty!

          Niishin Nagamowin Migizi Ikwe :D
          "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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            Originally posted by Burberrilish
            Thats right huh! :devil He could get FINED up the *** for his ILLEGAL POSSESSION! :devil
            I've heard Indians getting in trouble to for having Eagle Feathers too so don't make a judgment about white people too.
            Asema Is Sacred
            Traditional Use, Not Misuse
            Wakan Tanka please have compassion on me.
            OK Niji we are running a train with red over yellow at this powwow.


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              Originally posted by White Powwow Dancer
              I've heard Indians getting in trouble to for having Eagle Feathers too so don't make a judgment about white people too.
              Burbie can make any judgment she wants to. She's allowed. White ppl shouldn't have any eagle feathers at all. Just go buy the fake pink ones at the Little Rock Wal-Mart, ok?
              Hockey is soul food.


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                If anyone is gonna get booted, it's gonne be me...

                As many of you know, I am not one to p***yfoot around a subject so as not to provoke the "wrath" of administration. I am going to say what I am going to say, if it offends some, oh well, can't please some of the people all of the time, nor all of the people some of the time. Here goes...

                Some may consider this a "dead horse" or any other analogy that relates to an issue that is brought up over and over again without resolution, but I consider this a little bit of enlightenment. Who cares if neither side openly agrees with the opposing party? One could contribute that to pride. But maybe, just maybe one of the many "unregistered" guests of this site will take heed to what is being said.

                Ceasing to let our thoughts be known is essentially surrendering. I for one am not willing to allow some non-Native tell me about something that I have lived since I escaped from the womb 23 years ago. I don't give a crap if their is no concordence between the two parties, all I care about is keeping our traditions strong.

                I will continue to express my disgust in people trying to take away the one thing we have left--our traditions. Yes, there are social dances and intertribals where EVERYONE is allowed to participate; I encourage that. But when it comes to a non-Native trying to tell ME about ME!?!?! Nuh-uh.

                Jinglin Chica, Burbs, ojibsweets, Singling Eagle, Ki, myself-- don't hate on us for our so called "personal attacks" we have every damned right to express our frustration. Why? Because it IS personal and should remain that way. We must treat our culture like we would any family heirloom; with respect, utmost care and protection to ensure it's longevity for our future generations.
                Got percap?


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                  :clapping: Thanks Jibs for once again telling it like it is!


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                    Originally posted by superndngyrl
                    I dont mean to be offensive either but from my perspective... When someone says no about dancing rights and permissions... one shouldn't run to someone else who will tell them yes. There's tons of websites out there ran by other non-natives giving and selling permissions but thats not how it works. I've served in the military and have earned my feathers. But I'm a woman and I know my place and happily and very proudly do I dance women's traditional because thats our traditions and thats our customs.

                    To respect us means even accepting NO as an answer.


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                      So why take the name Mato in vain? :Thinking :dontknow:

                      I never booted anyone off.

                      I never disagreed with anything you all have said.

                      I have posted time and time and time again in support of the very things you are making the points about.

                      I have posted my disgust of the not only theft of the ceremonies and culture but the baztardizing of it for fame, name or profit. I have stated time and time again.... even if it means me.. a iyeska.. mixed breed.... that I cannot attend or do different things.. so be it.. I will defend that to the death! And I am not making that as a grandstand statement. If any of you knew me and how I fight against these very things then you would know.

                      All the frick I said was 1001.. big shyt.. one joke about the number of times I have seen and heard these things being talked about. And that is all you remember of what I have said in this thread. hmmm.. can we say balance? Let's look at this in balance ok?

                      NEVER did I say it should not be spoken of.. NEVER did I say we should sit in silence. NEVER did I say this should be left to die.

                      What I DID say.. get this.. take notes now... What I did say is... I get tired of hearing these things being talked about so many times and no one seems to hear. That does not say don't speak of them.

                      It reminds me of the old joke .. Why did the chicken cross the road. .I may know it and get tired of hearing it for the last 50 yrs... but you tell it to the three yr old on your lap and you will see it still has it's value.
                      "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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                        Originally posted by Mato Winyan
                        KNOCK THIS CRAP OFF OR I'M LOCKING IT!
                        My opening comments - what you refer to as taking your name in vain - were directed at this statement............................


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                          And that was in reference to c-rock's personal attacks after I said to get back on topic.. he would not let it drop. If he had not answered .. others would have let it drop.. k..?
                          "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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                            Originally posted by Singing Eagle
                            My opening comments - what you refer to as taking your name in vain - were directed at this statement............................

                            Singing.. ohhh that statement.. that one is from when it was ORIGINALLY in that phoenixfire in heat *oops did i just say that* thread but it was from that other thread where the white lady wanted to dance northern tradish.. :D thats what that statement was referring to, cuz crock couldn't step off the fact that I was brought into the pw circle for healing purposes :) ohhhhhhh kay :D thats why there is also another post by mato about the "off topic" statement lol..
                            Last edited by BurBz; 01-14-2004, 03:25 PM.


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                              well pardon me :D

                              I just wanted to say what i had to and make sure that the mods know I'm not trying to be malicious!


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                                WELL UH UM THIS ONE TIME AT BAND CAMP.......CaaaRiest!

                                "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


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