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News from the Southwest: Kickapoo takeover ends with three arrests

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  • News from the Southwest: Kickapoo takeover ends with three arrests

    News from the Southwest: Kickapoo takeover ends with three arrests

    Posted: January 12, 2004 - 11:24am EST
    by: JoKay Dowell / Correspondent / Indian Country Today

    McCLOUD, Okla. - Tribal police raided the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma headquarters east of Oklahoma City and ended the 15-day occupation of the building by a dozen female tribal members, including elders, who were demanding the ouster and a federal investigation of recalled Kickapoo Chairman Tony Salazar.

    In the pre-dawn hours of Dec. 19, five of the women entered through an unlocked back door and barricaded themselves inside using furniture to block the entrances. On the outside of the building the women hung a banner in the Kickapoo language reading, "We’ve had enough of this corruption and we want it stopped."

    At one point all phone, fax and Internet services to the building were disconnected. Service was restored due to health concerns.

    The women accused Salazar of making a deal to cut himself a percentage of the KTTT Lucky Eagle Casino slot machine revenues, sexual harassment, and widespread corruption. They said they saw documents inside the administration building that support their allegations, including phone messages from a Swiss bank and documents showing European air travel for Salazar family members at the tribe’s expense. Salazar has not been available for comment.

    Tribal judge Charles Tripp certified the Dec. 13 election recalling Salazar. Vice-Chairman Patrick Suke assumed Salazar’s slot. Salazar was then hired as the tribe’s executive director, a position he previously was fired from. The women were hoping to meet with federal authorities and ask for an investigation into the allegations.

    On Jan. 2 at 12:45 a.m. Deer said they were lying down when they heard men yelling and the sound of shattering glass.

    "It was like Rambo," said Deer. "Eight or nine of them in black from head to toe busted in the doors and windows. They were tribal cops. They had keys to the building, they didn’t have to do that."

    Deer and the other protesters were removed from the building. Deer, Auchee Wahpepah and Valentina Jiminez were arrested and released on $100 bond.

    Tribal Police Chief Tony Wheeler was not available for comment.
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    Everything is gonna be alright!

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    UPDATE: Charges dropped last month-October 2004


    Kickapoo judge dismisses charges against 3 women

    By Ann WeaverThe Oklahoman

    A tribal judge Wednesday dismissed criminal trespassing charges against three women related to their
    two-week occupation of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma's administration building earlier this year. Kickapoo Attorney General Geri Wisner-Foley blamed a "technicality" for the dismissal of the charges against Auchee Wahpepah, Valentina Jimenez and Glenda Deer. She declined to identify the technicality. Deer said incomplete court records prompted the ruling. She said among other items, no documentation existed in their case file to prove the three had ever been arraigned. Wisner-Foley took over the case after the recent resignation of Greg Bigler as the tribe's attorney general. The case was dismissed at her request without prejudice, giving her the option to refile charges against the women. Wisner-Foley said she has not decided whether she will refile the charges. Wahpepah, Jimenez and Deer spent Christmas and New
    Year's Day barricaded inside the building, two miles north of McLoud off State Highway 102. The women entered the tribal headquarters Dec. 14 through an unlocked door. They vowed to remain inside until federal authorities agreed to audit the tribe's finances and remove tribal Chairman Tony Salazar from office. Tribal police forced their way into the building Jan. 2 and arrested the women. Deer said even though their demands were not met, they don't believe their effort was in vain.

    Tribal court charges women for headquarter seizure

    2004-01-31By Ann Kelley

    The OklahomanMcLOUD -- Criminal trespassing charges were filed Wednesday in tribal court against the three women who stayed barricaded for two weeks inside the Kickapoo Tribe's administration building. Auchee Wahpepah, Valentina Jimenez and Glenda Deer were arrested Jan. 2 when tribal police forced their way into the building, about two miles north of McLoud on State Highway 102. The women entered the tribal headquarters Dec. 14 through an unlocked door. They vowed to remain inside until federal authorities agreed to audit the tribe's finances and remove Tony Salazar as tribal chairman. He eventually was removed, and is appealing his ouster. Kickapoo Attorney General Greg Bigler said the tribe's criminal codes do not designate felonies or misdemeanors. If the women are found guilty, they could be fined up to $250 and sentenced to up to two months in a county jail. Wahpepah said she learned of the charges Wednesday while she waited outside the tribe's courtroom to approach Bigler about getting their bail money back. Supporters posted $100 bail Jan. 2 at the Lincoln County jail for each of the women. "Since no charges had been filed, we were going to meet there and try to get the money back," she said. "I sat down to wait for him (Bigler) to come out of court and someone told me my name was on the docket." Wahpepah was arraigned Wednesday and pleaded not guilty. She will appear in court again March 12. Deer and Jimenez will be arraigned that day. Bigler said the protesters should have used the court system to accomplish their goals, rather than take over a tribal building. "I really want to see the members use the rule of law," he said. "That's my main concern -- to see that happen now and in the future." The women said they were critical of Bigler's decision to file charges against them because he didn't file charges against a Salazar supporter who was caught breaking into the same building last year to tamper with election board documents. Bigler said charges were not filed because the election board didn't allow the man to seek office in the election. Wahpepah said they will request a jury trial.
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      Kickapoo Tribe refiles charges against women


      Tribe refiles charges against women

      By Ann Weaver
      The Oklahoman

      McLOUD - Criminal charges have been refiled in tribal court against three women who spent two weeks last year barricaded inside the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma's administration building. Two more defendants have been added.
      The trespassing charges against Auchee Wahpepah, Valentina Jimenez and Glenda Deer had been dismissed without prejudice on Sept. 29.

      Kickapoo Attorney General Geri Wisner-Foley filed a new case against the three women this week, adding Juanita Prado and Zelma Garza as defendants.

      The women are charged with burglary and trespassing in their occupation of the tribal headquarters that began Dec. 19.

      The women vowed to stay inside until tribal Chairman Tony Salazar was ousted and federal officials agreed to audit the tribe's finances.

      Prado and Garza are accused of being part of the initial takeover that lasted until tribal police forced their way into the building on New Year's Day and arrested Deer, Wahpepah and Jimenez.

      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$

      Chairman Tony Salazar is a huge disappointment to the majority of our people. There are many who are outraged at his obvious vindictiveness.

      We feel we have already been tried and convicted by the tribe through Chairman Tony Salazar. At the June General council meeting Salazar was wanting to impose punishment before our case was heard in court. Salazar solicited from the council several times, what punishment to impose upon us. At this same meeting, the Chairman asked his followers to banish Glenda Deer, this was voted on and passed. Salazar also called for a vote to terminate Kickapoo Tribal Judge Charles Tripp, who originally ruled against Chairman Salazar in his recall election. Salazar and his Business Committee also removed Greg Bigler as Attorney General and replaced him with Geri Wisner-Foley.

      We will not get a fair trial, in the Kickapoo Tribal court system. There seems to be prejudice in this case already. Geri Wisner-Foley needs to be advised that she represents the Kickapoo Tribe as a whole, not just Chairman Salazar, who interviewed and hired her. Since our tribal court has been established there has never been outside interference from the Business Committee until Tony Salazar’s reign. It appears that if the Chairman does not agree with the outcome of the court decisions then repercussions will follow such as we have seen in the past with Judge Phil Lujan, Judge Charles Tripp and Attorney General Greg Bigler. This is a total travesty of justice and we will plead not guilty and request a jury trial.

      Chairman Tony Salazar continues to fan the flames of a fire he started. We will continue to fight the corruptness that has split our tribe and do what we must to ensure the future of our children and grandchildren.

      A date of November 5, 2004 has been set for the arraignment at 10:30 am, at the Kickapoo tribal court located 3 and ½ miles north of Mcloud, Oklahoma on state highway 102.

      ~auchee wahpepah, glenda deer, zelma garza, valentina jimenez, and juanita prado~

      [email protected] (glenda deer)
      If I was told I had one hour to live, I'd spend it choking a whiteman~Miles Davis-jazz musician


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        Gotta love women like this!!!
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          hell yeah!!...glenda deer is the keenest!!
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            Thats Tony for ya!

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              Originally posted by wannabeUrNo1Snag
              hell yeah!!...glenda deer is the keenest!!
              Wonder why her sister didn't go and get all rugged in there too?


              GO GLENDA!!!!!!!
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