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  • and in the real world.

    More and more , time after time we are hearing more about contest and how they are put together and judged. Some are legit while others are not. But when or where is the defining line between right and wrong, just or scammed? Should we even worry about who wins or why that person won? Should we not say a word and stand idle by and let what ever happens just be? When does a person consider themselfs or their work to be better than that of an ameture, and who defines what is and what isn't more then so. Wether the contest be for braging rights or money or any other item of exposure. Whether the contest consist of singing, dancing or crafts. When do we not say a word or does it depend on the contest in question and what is to be won? Since these questions pertain to this website and that of the outside world lets bring it down to scale a bit and discuss how we might be able to better the contest on here, since many of us like entering and or just looking through the different contest. How can we keep them legit and fare to everyone and all that are involved? How can we as individuals truely know that our vote/voice counts? How can we fix the cliches and run better contest? How can we give everyone a fare shot, and not let the final descision come down to one persons perogotive. Because if we allow descisions to come down to a one persons descision how do we know that ,that person can make the right choice with an unbiased additude? So this is my debate, arguement, descusion etc..etc.. Say what you think tell us how we can help to make this website a better place for all and their intentional uses.
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    It would be easy to say we should just standardize contesting so that there would be no questions.

    However. . .

    each powwow committee has earned their own dollars, so I don't think they will let anyone else tell them how to spend their money or run their contests.

    I agree . . .with any powwow contest, there is controversy no mattuh'
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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      I figure that the best way to avoid any controversy would be to finance the contest yourself which is what I did when my mother put on a couple of powwows here is southern California during the early 90's. There were small powwows with prize money being $1,500.00. We began by having Haystack and Jonathan Windy Boy and never once did any problems arise.


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        One thing I have always been a big fan of is open books. Whenever I have had a hand in running contests that is always a stipulation I make.

        If someone feels ripped off we let them see the judges list, the ballots with initials and scorecards.
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