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    I have been trucking pallets to local companys here in Michigan, It has been a good job 5 miles from home and I get home evey day by 2 This last August I started hauling Cants & outs from saw mills in Michigan as I have seen the mess and all the dead trees in their yards I started getting put in Check about this from the Creator I have heard and read about what my Brothers in Canada has gone through.Today My dispatcher ask me to clean my truck up for a Parade in Lansing Our state capitol as I continued to find out about it Its is a demonstration put on by the Michigan Timbermans Association They wont all wood producers and saw mills to send at least one semi to Block traffic and make traffic jams by the capitol They are wonting more of our Forrest land to clear cut ! I cant find anything on the web about this I think it is something that was to be a surprise so no one can stop it or apose it. I told them no I wouldnt do it Out of respect to my famly and to the forest. If the owner beleaves in this he should do it not Me! So Maybe it time to find new work or maybe tomorrow I wont have a job. But my Heart feels good about saying No. I hope the Creater has a new journy for me.


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    I know how you feel. I live in the UP. and I see the destruction of our forests everyday. In fact I went for a ride tonite and discovered that they were starting to cut down trees near the Indian Cemetary. I feel that pain to whenever I go out to my favorite spots and see what kind of mess is there waiting for me. What's worse is that when I go for a ride and see all the trees they have marked with flourescent spray paint. It saddens me to think about what it will look like when those trees disappear.
    "Tell me friend, you who dwells in the dark and the deep, How may I venture unafraid, into the dark world of half death"


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      I'm sure for making such a good stand, that if you lose your job, the creator will have something for you in no time.
      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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        I feel the pain also, but I'm only a "troll" so the destruction is less "in your face" down here...

        I know of a number of areas that have been clearcut around Houghton Lake and Roscommon, looks like a moonscape the way they butchered the land and left the mess behind. It'll probably take another 20 years just to get 10' timber saplings back there! And since the wind now HOWLS across the areas in the winter, and the sun beats down in the summer, it's a pretty harsh environment.

        The only solace that I have is that this actually mimics some of the natural destruction that would normally have occurred in the past from forest fires, and can be a benefit to the forest ecology is done properly.... Done properly though, that's the kicker! When the trees are properly cut, the forest floor is also swept free of debris, and the ground is then fallow ground for regrowth. New young trees can grow virorously, and new live can replace the old tangled growth. Many animals flourish in this environment, like rabbits, fox, coyote, etc, when the same animals could not have adequately survived in an old-growth area, since there is little "low down" food sources.

        The main problems as I see it, result from poor logging practices. Trucks destroy the land and leave huge gouges from log skidders and tracks. Gouges and holes are traps for water, creating poor soil conditions and breeding grounds for moisquitoes (sp?). Stumps are not removed, so they obscure the ground for new trees. Brush is not cleared, so there is no proper sunlight to reach the ground for the seedlings, or they are forced to grow twisted and weak. And there is no ash (like from a firest fire) to provide nutrients and minerals back to the soil, so the soil becomes poor and inhospitable for the young plants.

        Our forests are renewable, but only if we care for them! We are their guardians. They are not a cash cow, but neither should they simply be ignored and neglected. They can be managed in a way that provides for the people, but yet IMPROVES the forest. If we could propote RESPONSIBLE forest management, and perhaps more "aggressive thinning" rather than clear cutting, we could have a much healthier forest, instead of huge areas of destruction, and destroyed wildlife habitat.



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          Dam hockeyfan, that pretty deep for a Troll. j/k
          "Tell me friend, you who dwells in the dark and the deep, How may I venture unafraid, into the dark world of half death"


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            Yeah warhoop, like I've never heard THAT! SOME of us trolls actually care about our environment... Hey, I've got family up in Big Bay, and I spend the occasional Labor Day in Copper Harbor, where you located? Unfortunately I'm normally suburb bound, NE from the city about 1/2 hour...

            Any good jobs with good pay up that way? And about 80 wooded acres without having to sell all your children?


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              Its funny you said about cemetary 2 years ago I found my famlys cemetary by a jurnal my Grandfather had. I went to the location and found little rock piles and some small stones it had little trails that someone was keeping up and was looking for more burial sites I went to the house next to it and they said they owned the land but I could visit when I wonted it was a nice white famly they said they tried to get the state and city to take care of it or to see if they had record of it but had no luck I was the first to let them know who was Buried there and their names. So I dont know what I should do about this but I told them I would buy it if they sold the property.People think the hurt of our people should be over and forgotten , But for me it seems to keep going on my wife says I old fashon and to traditional but thats how I was raised and taught I dont like changes. As for my job I wont know till the boss gets back Monday The protest is a week from this Tuseday.



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                We have to take a stand some time. You did the right thing.
                Seeing the result of our actions should not be why we act; it should be the action itself.


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                  Hockey_Fan, I don't know about good jobs, But there is a lot of nice acreage up here, and you won't have to sell all your children just the first born. LOL I'm on the L'anse Rez, on beautiful Keweenaw Bay.
                  "Tell me friend, you who dwells in the dark and the deep, How may I venture unafraid, into the dark world of half death"


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