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Navajo 1/8th Blood Quantum??

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    I agree with you in principal but the rate of intermarriage is 75% down here in the states. The real issue is why are natives marrying non-natives. AND STOP IT DANG IT!
    Stop intermarriage and extinction wont be an issue.

    Heck if its hard finding an indian man, dont end up with a white one try polygamy like in the old days lol. yeah right.

    Most tribes in the US no longer have full bloods except for the strongholds of indian country like oklahoma, arizona and south dakota.

    I encourage all men and women to wear chasity belts when entering white towns.


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      Originally posted by Jibbyâ„¢
      The people on here who advocate lowering the blood quantum are obviously thin bloods. And who's stupid, ignorant a$$ idea was it to make the 1/8ths do community service in order to "earn" their percap?!?! That's ridiculous.

      To become a member of my band, you have to be 1/2. And our percap is like $8/year. That's not even enough to take my snag out to McDonalds. The council will consider 1/4 breeds who bonk their snag over the head with cast iron frying pans tho.

      On the real. The issue at hand is not tribal population but the dilution of our bloodlines. Hopefully, enforcing strict membership regulations will inspire members to breed with our own kind.
      Absolutely Jibby. And I dang wish our rez had our own membership code. I can see many of our young marrying white and having half breed and even less blood quantum children. That is depletion and dilution of our bloodlines, as you say. In my generation there are strong ndn bloodlines, but in the next generation is is sadly diluting.

      Come on people something has to be done in order to bring back that bloodline and make it whole again.
      "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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        Originally posted by Burberrilish
        BAck to the subject at hand, i'm glad our council members finally passed something that was very meaningful!!! Its great to see that the blood quantum will not be lowered any time soon!! :blow: My kids are all full bloods and all my family are as well. :) I think it all depends on how the family and extended family raise and talk to their kids in how to keep our bloodlines full and strong... but I was not happy to hear talk of lowering the blood quantum levels... but i'm glad that our tribal council made a wise decision :D :Thumbs
        Thats right Burbs!

        *spreads good rep to your council members* :D
        "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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          *LMAO @ getting all geedy......hahahaa

          Huge typo there Azhe'ni *LOL*
          "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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            ....actually, I think the whole discussion of Blood Quantum in the Navajo Tribe was just "tabled" for review by some committee.

            It's a messy, sordid topic, but, just so folks know where I stand on the subject. I say leave it at 1/4 th and wait until we're so strapped for blood, THEN lower it!! Heck, the vast majority of the Navajo Nation is all full blood, with a smattering of quarters and less here and there.

            I do think it was a bit off to bring up the subject in the Council....I don't think it had any real bearing on anything relevant to the Navajo Nation at this time. Perhaps, say, in one hundred years or less, it might become a topic of great importance, but, I don't think it should be left up to the Council to decide something like that. I say let the people vote on it and let the vote stand.

            Then again........that could drum up problems.....think back to the whole thing on gambling (which i was all for, and voted for accordingly) got messy, split families, communities. The blood quantum thing will do the same or worse.

            But, the council is saddled with a tough decision, as are the Navajo people if this ever comes to a've got to think ahead....generations from now, your grandkids or great grandkids. Where are they going to be in a lifetime from now after we're all gone? Will the dominance of the full bloods still be present or have such a commanding presence as it does today? ...with the advance of the dominant culture over our own, and with the constant influx of ideas and other cultures from other parts of the World or from other regions of the country or state......'non-natives'. You get alot more half and quarter and one eighth and one sixteenth's popping up. Do we want to deny them the privelages, however few and feeble they are, that we enjoy or benefit from? Land and Tribal Resources come into play....heck, it's bad enough as it is dividing up a 180 acre allotment in my family as it is!! Heck, you're lucky if you come out with half an acre!!! My own family is experiencing the whole interacial issue now.....we've got kids or neices/nephews that are half Navajo and half something else.

            Heck, if you drive around the rez today....sure, you see the tons and tons of Navajo's around........but, you're also seeing ALOT more African-Americans and Hispanics/Mexicans coming up from Phoenix and from other parts of the Country. I for one don't approve of it.......of course, that just my "ethno-centric" azz talkin smack. We're all for racial purity......irregardless of who we are or what we say, or no matter how hard we try to deny it. At some want to try to maintain something of a culture, or at least a race of people that "look" the part.

  , think hard about it before you vote......if it ever comes to a vote my fellow Navajos!!

            .....I think Gallup, Page, Farmington, Flagstaff, Winslow and Holbrook would just LOVE to see a boom on the Tribal Roster if the blood quantum was lowered to one eighth!!!

            ....WOO HOO!!! I got some more bad rep from someone too!!!

            ...thanks!!! It means I'm reaching people!!!

            "This next song goes out to some girls in dot com. They don't know who they are, but, it doesn't really matter anyway."

            "When the God's wish to punish us, they grant our prayers."

            O. Wilde


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              Most of you all have really good words to say and I agree so I've just been reading and shaking my head, *yeah* lol..

              I don't want to go off topic but something is making me a lil curious and I wanted to ask Ojibway Sweetie (I hope I don't regret asking) but what is geedy? I saw Kiwehnzii cracking up over it so I know it must be something crazy, pm me if you must. lol, PS: I'll give you some good green rep points if you tell me, lol... :p


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                I pm'd ya ..... lmao
                "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                  Stupid *** blood quantum

                  well me myself I don't believe in blood quantum and I hate the fact the the us govt. is making us go by it! do they use blood! but we sure have to the reason why I don't approve of blood quantum is because ONLY HORSES AND DOGS HAVE BOOLD QUANTUM!!!!!
                  don't be shy it's me obie_1 holla


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                    Originally posted by Kakeeya
                    PS: I'll give you some good green rep points if you tell me, lol... :p

                    *LMAO* Kakeeya!! :rofl2: all bribing :p *L* good one!! :Chatter :Chatter


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                      Originally posted by ojibwaysweetie
                      Thats right Burbs!

                      *spreads good rep to your council members* :D

                      :Thinking noooowww only if i could figure out their handles!! *LMAO* :rofl2: jk HEHE


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                        Whoever gave me a bad rep saying what about the hobbyists. When I said it's not the blood it's the heart. I meant it doesn't matter if ya have a 1/8 or 1/4. I know a lot of full bloods that don't know anything bout being native and the ones that are 1/8 do.

                        AND YES I AM ONLY ONE QUATER AND A EIGHTH!!

                        So I guess to ya'll in here ya don't think I'm native. I could give a f***. We don't have a casino in our tribe. But when they talk about it. Guess who comes to the meeting wanting blood qut.? Yep all the full bloods that dont have kids.


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                          To all the full bloods and their kids. It's good. Keep it that way. That's the way it should start to be. You should be proud that your family kept that up. I will stress to my children to marry natives to keep up that line. Before it disapears.


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                            well a lot of times, its not about whats in your heart to a lot of natives. its about color...and thats the hard truth, I got a few friends who are native BUT look white...and everyone considers them to be white.
                            :indian2: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME IM FINE:muscles:

                            " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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                              the govt put blood quantums on us so they would know when to stop giving natives benefits from the govt. They knew we were going to mix with other ethnic groups. So by saying, you have to be 1/4 native to recieve benefits they promised us in treaties, you would be left out if you were NOW a lot of tribes have lowered their standards to keep their numbers up. I say keep it at the lowest 1/4. stay with your own kind.
                              :indian2: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME IM FINE:muscles:

                              " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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                                Your right. I believe to stay with our own kind. I don't think I would approve of my kids coming home with a non native. But I have years yet to worry bout that. People do look at skin. I don't see it that much up north. There is a lot of light skins. I really don't gotta worry bout looking white anyway. Well ya can tell I'm mixed. But my fiances sister is only a 1/3 white he said and the rest indian. She is light. But looks native.

                                My son is really light skin. Blonde hair. But my daughter is really really dark. Black in some places. But I don't think my sons realitives would down him. His dad won't let them.


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