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    Maybe it's due to the lack of sleep. . .I don't know. . .but recently I was left so angry after a conversation with a guy that I just walked away. I have thought about it a lot, though, since then, and wondered if you all would like to comment.

    He was trying to tell me that he is not racist, but that he didn't think different ethnic groups should mix in relationships/marriage/children. Now, I know my personal take on this (as many of you probably know by now too), but I do not understand how one can promote a segragational outlook, yet say they are not racist in any form.

    What REALLY pissed me off was he then follows all this up with "The Native Americans do it, so why can't other groups?" I'll spare you the details of me verbally going off on him, but isn't it kind of like a Catch 22? I mean, I know why ndn's do this, but how does one defend it to a person like this? Or is there any talking sense into this guy's head? He thinks we should "keep bloodlines pure", even though I'm not sure that exists anymore in general. Maybe the caucasian race should have thought about this thousands of years ago, before they started raping captives as a way to break them. Ooops--there I am on my soap box again. ;)

    Thoughts appreciated. :)

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    Traci... i've never thought that you had to be racist to promote a segragational outlook. We get the idea it is always racist because most folks we meet who believe this way have turned out to be quite racist (ie:kkk). But I don't see a problem with people wanting to "keep a racial line pure" as i do having a problem with those who have'nt being looked down upon. Sometimes the other you find in your life is'nt one of your own... sometimes they are. But his follow up... sounded like he intended to piss you off. He threw in your face the only ammunition he had to support his views. I guess I woulda questioned him why he felt this way and is it because he does'nt feel that one race is good enough to mix with another or because he likes well defined racial lines, or because it would sadden him to see a race disappear by blending with another.
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      Every race believes in (some form of ) keeping the blood pure - whether they'll admit it or not, they do think it.


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        I agree with Blackbear. And I can be your ammo next time the guy starts up again. I'm what used to be known as a half breed, half white and half Indian, so yes the Indian race does mix, my father was Creek and my mother was white.
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