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  • Contemporary NDN Music

    I'm looking to check out some contemporary music by NDN artists, who do y'all like?

    I'm not talking about powwow music. And please, no NDN flute music (no offense to anyone, but the New Agers have ruined NDN flute for me).

    I'm interested in just about any genre: rock, punk, metal, rap, thrash, country, bluegrass, etc...

    I'm already familiar with Black Fire, Without Rezervation and The Cremains (and I like all three).

    I know it is a matter of personal taste, but what artists/bands do y'all think are good?

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    A Different Suggestion

    Here's a musical suggestion....

    It may be a little different, but it may be worth checking out.
    Her name is Irka Mateo and she's a Taino from my native land.

    Her music is a mixture of Spanish and Taino. Here's the link:
    Welcome to my Website!

    Hope you like it,


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      Check out the NAMMY website...


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        Crystal Shawanda is a good one, kind of a modern country/rock mix, and marvelous voice.
        Arvel Bird is great, violin and flute, world class musician, Bill Miller is also great. Hell, there are so many....the NAMMY is as the person above said, a good place to start


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          I am SO with you on the "new age ruining flute music" thing. I like some of it, but only the "true" Native musicians.

          Not a lot of NDN punk rock, which is a shame because I was raised on classic punk--Subhumans, Cramps, Black Flag, Minor Threat.

          There's "Corporate Avenger," but I have REALLY mixed feelings about them (they "look" punk, but sound like ICP...ugh.)

          Rage Against the Machine isn't NDN, but they always advocated for indigenous peoples.


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