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Large Pow Wow drum??

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  • Large Pow Wow drum??

    I am recently in posession of a double-sided 18"x22" drum. It appears to be made from one log, light color pine or maple?? I am told its a native american pow wow drum. I am wondering if there is anyone who can tell me more about it, how to tell what the skin is, and what are some venues/resources for getting it appraised and/or sold. Thanks for any help.

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    SunShine, drums could be made by anyone. Your drum SOUNDS like it was made in an NDN style, but unless you have documentation from it's owner, you can't say for certain WHO made it.

    The tops are usually made of rawhide. At least, that is what OUR tribe's drum head is made of.

    Our drum is treated carefully and respectfully. It was given to us, and we would never sell it. It is the voice of our people.
    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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      I would suggest that you try to find a community or Native American organization that is close to you so that you may gift it to them. Drums should never be sold and there is also the fact that you don't know the ceremonies that must be conducted for that drum. It is a sacred object and needs to be treated as such. Please respect the drum and do the right thing.


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