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Native Americans in need of Blankets and Bedding in South Dakota

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  • Native Americans in need of Blankets and Bedding in South Dakota

    This press release describes an urgent need for blankets and bedding on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota [PRWEB Jun 15, 2004]{br}{br}View the Entire Article{br}

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    My name is Cate, I was raised on the Brighton Reservation here in Florida. I am of mixed blood, Apache/Cajin, and supported the People as much as possible thru the years. I belong to a car club here in Fl. and have posted a thread apealing to our people for help. Tonight I have started a campaign for money, blankets and anthing I can get for these People. My Father was from New Mexico and I was raised in the old world ways, it breaks my heart to see the People treated like this. I have supported Rosebud for years but now it is time to expand to new horizons. Please let me know if there is a need for supplies elsewhere as I do not support the Tribe at Brighton. I will promise you and the People that I will continue to support and ralley for them.Walk in Peace..Dark-Angel


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