I will be on Tony Kay's ArtistFirst.com Show on July 20 at 8pm EST and Dolores Thornton's AuthorsFirst Show on internet radio July 12 at 2/3pm EST; June 16 at 8pm EST at http://www.ArtistFirst.com and Maxine Thompson's "On the Same Page" at http://www.VoiceAmerica.com to discuss my novel HOBBLE [An Adult Fiction], writing, publishing, spiritual erotica and more. Do check the schedule and the link to ArtistFirst's site http://www.artistfirst.com and Max’s site, http://www.maxinethompson.com/. I'll be on with her May 11, May 25, and June 29. Showtime is 9am EST/6am PST Tuesdays, rerun at 4pm EST/1pm PST Saturdays. Do tune in, call in, email in, and hear the voice that goes with the written page. Hear you there. --Neale Sourna [PRWEB Apr 29, 2004]