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Native Americans in need of Blankets and Bedding in South Dakota

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  • Native Americans in need of Blankets and Bedding in South Dakota

    This press release describes an urgent need for blankets and bedding on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota [PRWEB Jun 15, 2004]

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    This is true. A group that I'm in, called Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation, (FoPRR), is also affiliated with Spirit Rising, and we are trying to raise money through our members to help provide some beds for the Rez. If you're interested, you can go to:

    If you cannot find what you seek within, you will not find it without.


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      Myself I feel the tribes that have more or are willing to share W/ their brothers and sisters. Ought do this. Winters do get severe in that area for those that are living there. I remember 1 storm, they burnt everything in their homes to keep from freezing to death. Drifts blocked all the roads. Propane trucks could not get through. I also recall airdrops had to be made to keep the stock able to survive. I don't know if first terrible storm has struck there as yet. In Ne. and part of Kansas, NW. snow has already arrived. Here in Kansas wednesday is the day snow is predicted for us. I live in North Central Kansas. I used to live in Ne. and Ia. first. In those days we had some whopping snow storms. Just in the last 2 years in Ne I had to stop at a motel for the night. The snow was coming down so hard you couldn't see the road. And I traveled it a lot at that time. I only had a little money w/ me. Not enough for a room's lodging. The owner of the motel let me stay. I promised when I got home I would bring back the money I lacked for the lodging. I did. The storm cleared during the night. I got home ok. But many cars and PU's were in the ditches. Everybody seemed to be equal to the stuck problem of their vehicle, of a morning after the storm was over. So help out your brother's and sisters, and their families. I feel sure it will really be appreciated, by many.!!GES


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        Pine Ridge

        Wopila tanka for the post. I just joined her yahoo group. I heard they are having problems over there with someone hacking in and sending threats. Some people's kids, eh? I hope this site is not shut down and can't help but wonder why in the world someone would go to a site set up for caring for others and do such a thing. (heavy sigh)

        On the up side, I have the honor of being sponsor to a lovely young Lakota girl. I'm hoping to meet her and her family next year. Going to have to teach her some slow southern slang tho. She talks so fast on the phone, I can barely catch her words. LOL Or maybe she needs to teach me to listen faster!


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          Hey Sandie! Well, that's actually another group that's had the trouble, and they shut their site down. Our group hasn't had any trouble for a while, though we did have some from a lady who says that she is collecting money, etc. for PRR, but no one can tell that they ever receive it. We took care of that really fast, lol! I'm glad you joined our group. Most of the members aren't NDN, but some our, and it really helps to have their opinions on the things we do.

          I think it's great that you have the honor of sponsoring a girl from PR! I have 2 families that I care deeply about, one of the kids I sponsor is almost 15, and I just cherish our relationship. I only wish that I had more money to do more, and I would like to go out there one day and do some real work, like helping to repair/rebuild homes and stuff like that.

          LOL @ her talking fast. I have the same problem, I'm from KY! I live in the Western end, whereabouts in TN do you live? Feel free to email me anytime, I'll be looking for you on the group!
          If you cannot find what you seek within, you will not find it without.


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            Owleyes, I reckon I'm easily confused....:) I thought it was your group, so I put on my trusty cape and headed your way. That's a real shame about the other site.

            I am outside Nashville, but work in the city. Maybe we can hook up at the MTSU powwow in March. That's a good one. Do you ever come this way for powwows?

            In the meantime, I sent you a private e-mail regarding entrance into American Indian Injustice. I can't figure out what the problem is. But rest assured, we'll get to the bottom of it......:)


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              Hey thanks! Yeah, I'd love to meet up in March, that would be cool.

              Our group is on Yahoo, it's called Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation. The other one was started by a disgruntled member, lol, and so their name was similar. Which one did you join? If it was the other one, come on over to ours. Everyone is welcome there. It's not my group, meaning I didn't start it, I'm a mod there.

              I'll go check my email, pilamaye!
              If you cannot find what you seek within, you will not find it without.


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                Yep, joined your group....:)

                MTSU it is then. I look forward to meeting you!

                I went back in this morning and checked your settings (on my end) for AII. Everything looks kosher. Please also check your group settings for this particular group. I will contact the list owner and see if they can figure it out. I apologize for any inconvenience.


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                  I don't know what happened, but I never got an email.
                  I look forward to meeting you too!
                  If you cannot find what you seek within, you will not find it without.


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                    Well, you're there now, and we are surely glad you made it.


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                      Hey, well, I'm totally confused! I went over to A.I.I. and put in to join. I was wondering if my email address was wrong somewhere, just in case, it's [email protected]
                      If you cannot find what you seek within, you will not find it without.


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                        membership in AII

                        LOL Now I'm REALLY confused. I thought you already were there. I just opened the door for clovesjmiller this morning. O'well, must be yahell. Welcome to our humble group...:)
                        Last edited by Noyaha; 11-17-2004, 09:22 AM.


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                          LOL! How crazy is that? Well, I was approved yesterday, so I hope nobody is pretending to be me! LOL, wouldn't get them anywhere though imho!
                          If you cannot find what you seek within, you will not find it without.


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                            I went to these sites today that you listed (owleyes), my son and I are going to do as much as we can, cause I know how hard it can be as a single parent it is really hard at times. I am asking people that I know for anything that they can donate to help out as well, it sadens me to think about our people living in these conditions. You always see white people on tv sending these simple things and more to other country's when there are people here who are in need that always pi**ed me off, when I seen these shows.I know there are also other tribes in need as well and I hope there are getting some help as well.:Cry
                            Last edited by Dyami; 11-20-2004, 11:12 PM.


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                              Thank you Dyami! I agree with you about how people give to people on the other side of the world while ignoring the people here. There are quite a few other reservations that need many of the same things as Pine Ridge. One of the things I'd like to do someday is be able to afford helping people from the other reservations too. I just happened to find Pine Ridge first, so most of what I've done has been for the people there. I'm glad that you checked out the sites, and I thank you for helping!
                              If you cannot find what you seek within, you will not find it without.


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