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Native Americans in need of Blankets and Bedding in South Dakota

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    Originally posted by owleyes
    Thank you Dyami! I agree with you about how people give to people on the other side of the world while ignoring the people here. There are quite a few other reservations that need many of the same things as Pine Ridge. One of the things I'd like to do someday is be able to afford helping people from the other reservations too. I just happened to find Pine Ridge first, so most of what I've done has been for the people there. I'm glad that you checked out the sites, and I thank you for helping!
    I do not have much money as I work now at minimal wage jobs and am raising a child on my own,but at one of my job I work for a closeout store and I will use that to my full advantage, cause I get a discount. I have been to the Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina, but from what I get is that most live in the towns that are around there and the only monies that they get is what they make from the tourist and I have heard a lot of stories of these people going hungry as well, but I don't know who I have to contact to send monies and other supplies to.
    I also joined the yahoo group, that I found on the site.


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