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White Buffalo in BC

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  • White Buffalo in BC

    FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. (CP) - A rare white buffalo has been born at the Blatz bison ranch in northeastern British Columbia.

    Ranch owner Karen Blatz said Monday the chances of the birth of a white buffalo are about one in 10 million. The calf was born premature, weighing around nine kilograms, and had to be taken from its mother to be bottle-fed.

    Blatz said the calf's health continues to improve and he is enjoying the attention.

    "He's definitely going to be a pet around here," she said.

    "I don't know if he'll be joining the rest of the herd but if he does well that would be a good possibility.

    The calf was named Spirit of Peace because he was born in the North Peace country and the calf is a symbol of peace for First Nations.

    In some native cultures a white buffalo is a sacred symbol of hope, rebirth and unity.

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    Thank you

    I needed to know this.
    For some reason I cannot explain my destination is to follow the White Buffalo path ever since I carried a 100 year old "White buffalo skull," up to Devil's Tower in Wyoming. I almost moved to Fort St. John 4 months ago for no apparent reason. Hyi Hyi!! Peace be with you


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      no problemo senior... way later eh..just saw it now... your post was on my oldest daughters birthday btw... laterz...


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