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Prayers needed for Alvin Littlehead

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  • Prayers needed for Alvin Littlehead

    Dear Friends,

    Asking for prayers for Alvin Littlehead, lead singer for Northwest Connections, son of Arnold & Linda Littlehead. Alvin was diagnosed 3 months ago with a virulent form of leukemia. He is in stage 4. He has been hospitalized for 25 days, now, at St Vincent's Hosp in Portland, Oregon. The first round of chemotherapy was completed Monday of this week. A bone marrow biopsy was performed to see if the chemo helped. Sadly, the biopsy was negative. Two more aggressive drugs will be added to the next round of chemo. The doctors are not very optimistic and said the best medicine for Alvin right now is an abundance of prayers. Alvin has an infection in his lungs and is spiking a high fever that stays steady at 102.9. Alvin has his heart set on attending the PCC Sylvania Powwow this Saturday, and will be allowed out of the hosp to do so. All contact restrictions will be enforced to protect his fragile health. Alvin is not giving up. However, he & his family is exhausted beyond belief. So, once again, I am asking for a lot of prayers sent up to help support this family in their time of dire need.
    If you can send a card or letter of support or give Arnold a call, here is the contact information.

    Arnold Littlehead
    6008 N. Syracuse
    Portland, Or. 97203

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    Please do not assume I am being cold in this matter.

    Burdock root (encylopedia dubs this as one of the worst weeds in North America)
    - strengthens vital organs
    - eliminates free radicals
    - balances blood sugar

    inner Slippery Elm bark
    - eliminates acids
    - removes toxins from liver and kidneys
    - soothes asthma

    Sheep Sorrel
    - strengthens glands
    - good for nerves and intestines
    - cleans blood

    Indian Rhubarb root
    - detoxifies liver
    - oxygenates the blood
    - anti-tumour properties

    These plants grow everywhere in fact the main ingredient cannot be stopped from growing. It's toxin nuetralizing power is so much that the government plants it in soil contaminated with radiation. It is considered a delicacy in Asian countries. If there actually was a food shortage in the world it could be one of the grops grown to feed the world. The roots grow up to six pounds and can be grown in poor soil. Do not underestimate the power of nature or prayers. One of the cures people have prayed for has been here all this time (being sprayed with Round-Up).

    We go into our sweat lodges and pray for people with cancer and the Great Spirit sprouts one of the many cures beside the path to the lodge. Most of us spray it with cancer causing substances like Weed-X because you know how these pesky weeds keep coming back.
    I personally believe answers for prayers must be met part way. Creation has put cancer fighting plants all around us. It is up to us to harvest them, dry them, and administer them to those who need them and occasionally to our children to neutralize all the carcinogens they are constantly taking in through the water they drink, the food they eat and the air they breath.

    Please do not assume I am being cold in this matter.
    Like more and more people everywhere I have lost someone from cancer. My little sister died when she was five from a brain tumour.
    I am ashamed to say but if I had not been personally effected by this I may have not spent years researching cancer, its causes and its cures.
    Along the way I have discovered that this disease is intentionally unleashed upon certain segments of society.
    This is no longer intended to merely target non-caucasians but those from what they deem lower classes of people.
    Like most of their kings in the past, the ruling class has no regard for the suffering and premature deaths of those they rule.
    In their eyes they rule us and we are nothing but a drain on the taxes they collect from the poor. The so called "tax excempt" status has made us a target for working-class rednecks and pharmaceutical companies.

    With this in mind I do not see much hope for anyone who is relying on the treatments these same people provide. These treatments (covered by treaty) are designed to cost extravagent amounts (which the government pays to itself by the way) and in the end they say" well we tried our best - we spent 4 billion dollars treating First Nations", pretty soon the empty promises will be fulfilled. And pretty soon if we do not wake up - our children will have absorbed so many cancer causing substances it will take many treatments of bitter tea to cure them.

    My next prayer will be for a sweet berry that will cure cancer but of course I will also have to pray that a white scientist will prove it works so that NDNs will finally believe it works.


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      will have my prayers

      I will make extra effort to pray for him.

      My grandmother swore by peyote tea. she has cancer and drank it 3 x a day and when she was in her 60's ( mind you she was not to live past age of 30 ) there was no cancer. and when she past at 104 the dr ask how .. I say native american medication. Smiles and walked out


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        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I agree with some of what you wrote. My own precious, beloved husband of 35 years battled stomach cancer for 2 1/2 yrs. I had him on the healing herb, plant & nutrition regimen with wonderful results of remission for 1 year. But, my darling just couldn't let go of a debilitating, raging anger that he completely focused internally and it imploded into a new tumor in his stomach that blocked his esophagus. He made his journey home June 20th, 2005. For a short time, I accepted the guilt of failing him. But, then, I fully realized, I am only the messenger and not The Healer.

        I tried to share my knowledge of herbs & plants & nutrition with the family and was met with skepticism and blank looks. So, I fully honor their belief and simply pray that they are blessed with the strength to follow their choices. I made a conscious choice to simply walk with them and hold them up when they become weary. They had the medicine man work with Alvin. The sweats, pipe ceremonies & singing continues.

        I have edited this as I realized when I said I agree with everything originally stated, that I was being too generalized in that answer. I should have said that while I prefer to use and accept the herbal, plant and nutritional way of healing, I also, am thankful for allopathic medicine. However, I do not expect everyone in the world to agree with me. I do not dismiss all white man's medicine. I believe the allopathic, alternative & native healing can & does work together. It is a very personal choice for each individual to make. It absolutely does not matter which form of healing one chooses. What does matter is whether or not one can put full faith in whichever form/forms chosen.
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