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    Press Release
    For Immediate Release through January 28, 2006

    Author to discuss Book with Controversial Premise

    On January 28, at 5 p.m. eastern time, Corina Roberts will be interviewed on Native American Voices radio program about her new book, The Wisdom Walkers.

    A fictional novel set in a time frame of 74,000 years ago, it is based on the premise that Native Americans are not recent immigrants to the American continent, and that all people were capable of and engaged in exploring their world, by land and by sea.

    Most of the scientific community still abides by a thing called the Bering Strait theory, which has native peoples wandering across an exposed land bridge into the Americas from Siberia in the last fifteen thousand years. Not everyone agrees that this is true, however. Over the last thirty years, numerous discoveries have been made which continue to push back the date that indigenous peoples came to call the Americas their home.

    Evidence is starting to pile up against the Bering Strait theory as the sole answer for how Indians found America, and when. It seems more plausible to Roberts that native peoples may have been here for a lot longer, and that cultures around the world may have reached more advanced states of civilization in the past than we are currently aware of.

    Rather than labor over the numerous findings and argue the probability, Roberts decided to take an approach that would appeal to audiences of all persuasions; a fictional novel that introduces the reader to civilizations in Eurasia and the Americas as they may have been in this ancient period beyond memory and science.

    The Wisdom Walkers isn’t quite science fiction, says retired educator and amateur archeologist Bill McJunkin. He describes the story as “Fantasy derived from science, probability and some hidden memories that lie far back in our minds, telling us what is real and what is right; fantasy that very well may not be fantasy at all. All spaced by poetry that cries out to be heard. It is obviously a labor of love and obviously driven by a tremendous bit of research”.

    The Wisdom Walkers is 241 pages of human and animal adventure. It delves into the ordinary and ceremonial lives of people from two continents as they prepare to engage upon an epic voyage to meet on the eastern seaboard of the modern-day United States. You don’t need to be Indian, Celtic or a scientist to enjoy the book. Roberts hopes that it will, however, open people’s minds to the possibility of a slightly different view of our human history; a history that is anything but one-dimensional or easy to explain.

    The interview will air on Native American Voices radio program at W.A.I.F. 88.3 FM, Cincinnati, Ohio, 5 p.m. eastern time. Find Native Voices Radio on the internet at

    Find The Wisdom Walkers book online at

    Contact author Corina Roberts via Redbird’s website,
    Corina Roberts P.O. Box 702, Simi Valley, CA 93062 (805) 217-0364

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