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harriet nahanee prayer vigil feb 23 6:00 van bc

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  • harriet nahanee prayer vigil feb 23 6:00 van bc

    i got this in an email just a while ago

    AS you may know, Harriet Nahanee, an Elder of the Pacheedaht Nation, Port Renfrew, BC ( now called) was tried and sentenced for standing up for her rights to protect part of the Coast Salish territory, thus our environment, from being bulldozed thus destroying natural habitat. Because she refused to say, 'I'M SORRY..." to Madam "Justice" Brown... because she refused to apologize for her part in the protest she was jailed and now her health is deteriorating in hospital.

    I received a call this morning by two concerned friends of hers. Harriet is now in critical condition at St Pauls Hospital and has lost much weight and is not doing well. Part of the problem she dealt with in the courtroom was that she is hard of hearing and this caused issues for the judge and now in the hospital. Her hearing loss was as a result of abusive treatment in residential school as a child.

    She needs our prayers!!
    She needs to know she has support.

    The Indigenous Action Movement is organizing a prayer vigil on Friday, February 23 2007 beginning at 6:00 outside of St. Paul's Hospital.

    By participating in this vigil you are declaring your oupouring of support for Harriet Nahanee and her right to fight to protect our land and environment, and for her right as an Indigenous person to

    We urge people to see this action as taking a stand against an unJUST system.

    Squamish Elder Harriet Nahanee Jailed This morning, [Wednesday January 24, 2007] (carnegie newletter)

    shortly after 10AM, Madam Justice Brown sentenced Squamish elder Harriet Nahanee to fourteen days in jail for asserting her rights under the Constitution as an Indian and refusing to apologize to anybody, including the court, for blockading at Eagleridge Bluffs. Betty Krawczyk, who had been acting in the courtroom as a McKenzie Friend of the court on Harriet's behalf, knowing full well the horrors of Surrey Pre-Trial where Harriet will most likely be kept, objected strenuously at the sentencing. Betty was forcibly ejected from the court room and refused re-entry. It seems that these great grandmothers are the only two who have refused to apologize for trying to protect Eagleridge and are the two who will pay the price in jail time. Betty can't speak for Harriet right now because Harriet is in jail, but Betty wants everybody to know she will apologize to Kiewit and Sons and Mr. Falcon, Minister of Transportation, when they apologize to the people of this province for destroying a valuable ecosystem to serve their own dark, troubled corporate-loving egos. Her trial begins on Monday, Jan. 29 at the Supreme Court in Vancouver. It will last a week. She will represent herself. Please support these two great grandmothers who are trying to help save life and breath for the next generations. Please support the immediate release of this elder/ grandmother activist and clan mother of the Squamish Nation. The INjustice system of British Columbia, Canada has no right putting this elder in prison for protecting her sacred lands. Harriet Nahanee has every right to take a stand and protest the destruction of her sacred lands and waters. By putting her in prison, the justice system has violated Harriet Nahanee's very human rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Freedom of Speech and her Religious Freedoms. By not taking a stand, this sacred land is already taking a severe beating. There have been land slides, mud slides, severe wind storms, rain storms… the list is endless. The summers have been getting even worse than ever, with severe dry spells. In turn, the animals suffer with no food or water and no homes of their own. What fresh water is left is getting so contaminated, and there is also a shortage of water during the summer. >This is truly disgusting and beyond contempt. The authorities should be ashamed of themselves for punishing an elder/elderly woman in such a fashion because she tried to protect the Earth from destruction and stood by her principles. This is noth ing more than abuse of power. >this is insane.. please support and send your letters in to [email protected]. >This is the solution? This is what a provincial judge, a supposedly intelligent, highly paid civil servant, comes up with? A two-week jail sentence?! What harm has this grandmother done? What threat is she? Will the precious Olympic Games come to a grinding halt if she's not thrown into jail? After all, that's what this is all about isn't it: an unneces sary road to the Olympic Games site. >I wonder what the First Nations are doing to support this woman and I wonder what we, the general public, can we do? For further information: 604.450.5326 Marni Norwich [email protected]

    for other news reports check out the following:

    or Betty's blog

    Indigenous Beauty....

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    February 25, 2007

    Some time after 7 pm on Saturday February 24, 2007, Native Elder and Eagleridge Protester Harriet Nahanee died from pneumonia (complicated by previously undiagnosed lung cancer) in St. Paul's Hospital. She was 71. On January 24, 2007, despite her frail health, Harriet was sentenced to 14 days in the Surrey Pretrial Centre, a men's prison and a notorious hell hole for women. It is believed she developed pneumonia during her incarceration and was admitted to St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver a week after her release.

    In a letter to Justice Brenda Brown prior to the sentencing of Ms. Nahanee, Betty Krawcyzk urged compassion: "I am very worried about Mrs. Harriet Nahanee. Mrs. Nahanee is not well. She has asthma and is suffering the after effects of a recent bout of flu that has left her very weak".(1)
    On February 23, 2007, The Indigenous Action Movement held a rally and prayer vigil for Harriet (photo's are available compliments of Isabelle Groc at: ). Approximately 80-100 people gathered at the Supreme Court Building for a ceremonial walk to and around St. Paul’s Hospital. A prayer vigil was held outside Harriets’ hospital room, with drumming and the Women’s Warrior Song to give Harriet support and strength. A large signed picture of the Larsen Creek Wetlands at Eagleridge Bluffs (as they were) was taken up to Harriet following the ceremony along with flowers and cards.
    Further information about Harriet Nahanee’s struggle at Eagleridge Bluffs can be found on at:
    German First Nations Website
    Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
    (APTN: Feb 23, 2007)

    Press Contacts:

    Nadine Kelly 604-805-9007
    Betty Krawczyk 604-255-4427


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