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    Couldn't fit this all in one post...

    Promoting the Awareness and Celebration of Indigenous Cultures and People and Creating a Sustainable Future

    Fall 2007

    Toy, Blanket and School Supplies Drive scheduled for December 1

    Our annual toy and school supplies drive is scheduled for December 1 at the Chumash Interpretive Center in Thousand Oaks, California (same location as last year). This year, we would like to include a special request for new, lightweight blankets and new warm clothing, socks and gloves.

    The gathering will start at 10 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. Parking is free; pets are not allowed within the park.

    Admission is a new toy, or school supplies, or blankets/clothing items.

    (We suggest looking for warm but light throw blankets; these are sometimes sold in multiple packs for around $10.00, and can be used to wrap an infant or child or provide personal warmth for an adult or elder. Because they are light-weight, they are easier to ship than heavy blankets; however if you would like to donate Pendletons, we won’t refuse them.)

    Because of both the fires and the continued lack of funding for basic necessities on reservations such as Pine Ridge, the locations to which these items will be sent will be determined by need.

    All drums and flute players are welcome to participate in the toy drive, and all people are welcome. We would like to have a native dance exhibition, and welcome the presence of other non profit groups.

    We will once again serve food, and welcome potluck contributions as well. There will not be a rain date, so we are working to secure use of the indoor museum area in the event of inclement weather.

    We also need volunteers to help welcome people and assist with set-up and tear-down. Everyone is welcome to lend a hand.

    Hummingbird Creek – Environment versus Development

    On October 12, Pascaline Derrick from the Trust for Public Land met with Jim Keppler and Tom Evans of the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, and Corina Roberts of Redbird, to discuss the potential feasibility of preserving the area collectively known as Hummingbird Creek in Simi Valley.

    Hummingbird Creek was once a beautiful region, with year-round water and an oak-studded meadow. It was home to the longest enduring Chumash village in Ventura County, and to a thriving population of wildlife who depended on the perennial source of water to survive.

    Today the property looks very different. It has been scraped bare of its vegetation, and subdivided into parcels for single family homes.

    The creek remains and the wildlife still rely upon it for their survival, particularly in these harsh times of hot weather and little rain. Their ability to utilize the creek and the adjacent wildlife corridor beneath the 118 freeway will be permanently jeopardized if development commences in the once-pristine oak meadow that acts as a buffer between the wild world and the urbanized one.

    Whether or not the resources and energy needed to preserve this piece of land can be generated remains unknown, but the dialogue has begun, and we will continue to work towards a mutual understanding of the value of the natural environment and the need to preserve a place for wildlife in our increasingly urban lives.

    Bank of American Contributes to Redbird

    Bank of America’s Local Heroes Awards 2007 has been announced, and Redbird will be the recipient of a gift of $5,000.00 from Bank of America.

    This money will help us continue with the Children of Many Colors Powwow, allow us to support worthy causes such as the Porcupine Clinic, and host events like the 2007 Toy Drive.

    An awards ceremony will be held on Monday, November 5 at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles. A very limited number of invitations were provided for the event; if you would like more information please contact Suzie Ortiz at (213) 621-7406, or by email at [email protected]

    Elder Housing Project and Community Services

    We would like to acknowledge and say thank you to Shannon Nash of the City of Simi Valley, and Jenny Chadwell, two women who have taken the time to help us gather valuable information resources as we move slowly forward with the Redbird Ranch Elder Housing Project.

    This is an effort which will require not only financial commitment, but professional knowledge as well. With so many causes competing for our time and attention, it is very encouraging to know that this project has not been forgotten, and that the resources we will need do exist. As Redbird continues to gain recognition as a valuable asset to the southern California community, those resources will become increasingly available to us.

    The City of Simi Valley has a database of organizations which serve those in need, including minority communities, and we will be adding Redbird to that list and networking with other organizations to insure that we are able to reach the largest population possible; whether it be providing clothing donations or conducting educational and cultural workshops and presentations.

    There is always a demand for Native American people to share about their culture, and often, too few people available to do so. We would like to improve our networking base in the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas so that when we are called upon to give a presentation, we can respond to that request with people who are well versed in their culture and capable of communicating that culture to others.

    eScrip Update

    For those of you already enrolled in the eScrip program, thank you so much for your support. If you haven’t joined eScrip yet, please consider doing so.

    The eScrip program is free. When you shop or dine out, and swipe your registered store loyalty, ATM or credit cards, the merchant you’ve spent money with makes a donation to the eScrip program for Redbird. The list of stores and restaurants that participate in this program is constantly growing, and it never costs you anything. To register securely, simply go to Welcome to eScrip!

    Wishing you a safe and peaceful season,

    Corina Roberts, Founder
    P.O. Box 702
    Simi Valley, CA 93062
    Website: REDBIRDS VISION/interface
    Email: [email protected]
    MySpace: - corina - 43 - Female - SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -

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