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Native Profiles: Gabriel Horn, teacher of literature and creative writing

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  • Native Profiles: Gabriel Horn, teacher of literature and creative writing

    By Chris Graef
    News From Indian Country

    “I never considered AIM an organization,” said Gabe Horn. “It was a movement. I think that movement went out on the currents everywhere. People who called themselves AIM after those times, it was sad.

    “They adopted what AIM had begun originally but destroyed that aspect of AIM by calling themselves an organization. It was a movement, about language, culture, rights. It was about people who got in pick-up trucks and would head out to reservations because there was a death, or a suicide or the people needed them, where there were no cameras, no televisions. It was the people. It was a fire that cannot go out.” Before there was AIM, there was the United Native Americans, he said.

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