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Arvel Bird NAMA Entertainer of the Year 2007-2008

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  • Arvel Bird NAMA Entertainer of the Year 2007-2008

    By Richie Plass
    Special to News From Indian Country

    I first met Arvel Bird at, Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee, WI., in September of 2003 or 2004. Arvel was performing with Brule. I have known Paul quite a few years and I thought the addition of a fiddle player to his music was great.

    When their performance was completed, I went backstage and introduced myself to Arvel. The first thing I asked him was, “You gonna join the ‘Fiddle and Jig’ contest tomorrow?”
    He didn’t know anything about it, so I filled him in. He was able to perform in the contest and he walked away the winner. Little did he and I know, we would have a future together. But more than that, little did he know the impact he made on a fellow Menominee that day. More on that later.

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