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Tribes are state’s new high rollers – in business

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  • Tribes are state’s new high rollers – in business

    By Lynda, V. Mapes
    Auburn, Washington (AP)

    With a casino that stretches for a third of a mile, the Muckleshoot Tribe could be forgiven for taking some time to revel in its prosperity.

    This tribe just outside Auburn, about 2,100 people strong, has in just a dozen years risen from poverty to enjoying comforts many others take for granted, from high-quality medical facilities to decent housing.

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    Massachusetts Pocasset Wampanoag support Cape wind farm
    by Skabewis
    Boston, Massachusetts (AP)

    A non-recognized Wampanoag tribe from Massachusetts is supporting a Nantucket Sound wind farm opposed by two larger tribes closer to the project.

    The Pocasset Wampanoag chairman said Cape Wind would produce energy “in harmony with nature”...
    03-11-2010, 10:15 PM
  • Skabewis
    Compact delay lets tribe skip $30 million payment
    by Skabewis
    Los Angeles, California (AP)

    A San Diego County Indian tribe is putting off paying cash-starved California $30 million in gambling profits.

    Voters in February allowed four tribes to expand casino operations in exchange for a bigger slice of the revenue for the state. Three...
    06-30-2008, 11:14 AM
  • Skabewis
    Archway event marks Pawnee Tribe’s return to Nebraska
    by Skabewis
    By Kevin Abourezk
    Kearney, Nebraska (AP)

    When the federal government forced the Pawnee to leave the shores of the Platte River in the 1870s, the tribe took with it the corn seeds that had fed their people for hundreds of years.

    The tribe members tried to replant...
    03-31-2009, 03:04 PM
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    Oregon town’s gamble on a proposed casino pits tribe against tribe neighbor against n
    by Skabewis
    By Joseph B. Frazier
    Cascade Locks, Oregon (AP)

    Along the main drag of this Columbia River town, the signs of despair read “closed” and “for sale.”

    Many key businesses packed up long ago, others are leaving and the school is struggling to stay open. Most...
    03-26-2008, 02:51 PM
  • Skabewis
    Report: Seminoles make billions but still seek government grants
    by Skabewis
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida (AP)

    The Seminole Tribe of Florida has touted publicly that the billions it makes off gambling has helped it become self-sufficient, but a newspaper investigation shows that it is still pulling in millions of dollars in federal government grants while claiming...
    12-07-2007, 01:07 AM



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