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"The Landing" tourism powwow grand entry

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  • "The Landing" tourism powwow grand entry

    Produced by Paul DeMain
    Reserve, Wisconsin (NFIC) 6-08

    100 years ago a piece of land on the Chippewa River served as a stopping place resort. Now, in the hands of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Tribe in northern Wisconsin, people continue to stop there. In 1921 the gates of the nearby Winter Dam closed creating one of the largest, cleanest, clearest bodies of water outside of the Great Lakes and the subsequent stopping place changed names and hands, but people still came.

    Today, after modernization and refurbishing The Landing, as it is now known bustles with tourists, local Ojibwe workers, and at times visiting tribal dignitaries and locals living half-way across the country. If you return home now days, you can do it in style and spend your money at a facility owned by your own tribe.

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