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Actor favors citizenship for freedmen descendants

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  • Actor favors citizenship for freedmen descendants

    Tulsa, Oklahom (AP)

    Actor Danny Glover warned Sept. 26, that other American Indian tribes will follow the example of the Cherokee Nation if it succeeds in blocking tribal citizenship for freedmen descendants.

    Speaking at a forum hosted by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Glover called on the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma to allow freedmen descendants into the tribe with full citizenship rights, the Tulsa World reported from its Washington bureau.

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    A committee of the Council of the Cherokee Nation has passed a $470 million annual budget for the Oklahoma-based tribe,

    The budget includes increases in college scholarship funding.

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    Cherokee Nation to take over housing programs
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    Delaware Tribe loses separate federal status
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    The certainty of Tribal Sovereignty is not FOR CERTAIN.

    Termination of tribal recognition status could happen to your tribe.

    Many of us who are American Indian never imagine our tribes being terminated or loosing their Federal recognition status.

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    Black Caucus members take aim at Cherokee Nation funding
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    By Justin Juozapavicius
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    Some federal lawmakers are urging the U.S. Senate to include a clause in a Native American housing assistance bill denying benefits to the Cherokee Nation unless it recognizes descendants of the tribe’s former black slaves, known as...
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    Cherokee descedant Sam Bradford - a role model - among Native Americans
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