By D.J. Vanas © 2008
News From Indian Country

“Stop trying to poke your sister in the eye,” I scolded my nearly-three-year-old, Bella. She was picking on her big sister, Gabi, who is seven. I figured I’d intervene since Gabi looked like she was contemplating a Tae Kwon Do move on her baby sister – she’s a brown belt – and I was nervous.

My wife was gesturing wildly, talking on her cell phone to her mom as the “Kidz Bop” CD was loudly belting out kid’s voices singing cover tunes to ‘80s hits which is its own special brand of torture. My stomach was now rolling from shotgunning my coffee and a yogurt (bad combo) so we could get out on the road to our destination. I wondered, almost out loud, “Why are we doing this again?”