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An Exorcism of Truth: The dismissal of John Graham's murder charges

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  • An Exorcism of Truth: The dismissal of John Graham's murder charges

    by Denise Maloney Pictou
    Special to News From Indian Country 10-08

    Once again on the eve of justice for Annie Mae, lies and cowardice collide with irony. John Graham has long declared that he should not be tried for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash’s murder in the US because as an Indian he could not get a fair trial. Now he and his non-Indian US government-paid protector have pulled off the cruelest of 11th hour heists in which they declare that he can’t be tried because he is not an Indian.

    Her life held little merit and value to her murderers but her spirit holds a life and power of its own and is hard at work in her afterlife. Perhaps this is why Grahams’ effort to save himself is reliant not on the truth, but on technicalities of the law, a loophole through which he has eagerly crawled.

    Our family was devastated by news on Friday October 3rd, 2008 indicating that we would yet again have to wait for justice for our murdered family member Annie Mae Pictou Aquash. After 33 years, our family’s journey is beginning to feel more like an exorcism of truth than a quest for justice.

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