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Drugs, alcohol worsening problems for Seminoles

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  • Drugs, alcohol worsening problems for Seminoles

    Hollywood, Florida (AP)

    The Seminole community in Florida is experiencing increasing problems with drug and alcohol abuse.

    Figures obtained and analyzed by the South Florida Sun Sentinel show 11 of the tribe’s 17 recorded deaths in 2008 have been related to drugs or alcohol. The newspaper also determined the average age of a Seminole at death has dropped from nearly 60 in 1997 to 48 in 2007.

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    So sad. But I remember in the early 90's they had issues with drugs and alcohol way before the casinos really took off. Now you have a group of people living off great dividends, not having to work for their wages, and needing something to do with all their free time. Anyone could have guessed the problem would just get worse. But for it seems anytime you have people on reservations...whether economically depressed or thriving...there is always an issue with drugs/drinking.


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