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Oregon victim was stabbed before her body was burned

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  • Oregon victim was stabbed before her body was burned

    Portland, Oregon (AP)

    The FBI says a young woman was stabbed to death before her body was set afire and left in the middle of a road on the Warm Springs Reservation.

    New details in the investigation of the September 24 death of 24-year-old Lucinda Stwyer were made available in an affidavit the FBI filed in the case.

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    That is so heartbreaking. She was so young and had children. I just pray that the children are taken care of and that this woman is laid to rest peacefully.
    I have seen a lot of young women get involved in drugs and later prostitution, and it sadens me. Being a woman, young, and having children to raise is hard enough. I thank God for helping me make the right choices for my family, ask that he make me a stronger person for it.


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