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An Alaska Native’s take on his Governor

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  • An Alaska Native’s take on his Governor

    Dear Editor,

    I am originally from Arctic Village, Alaska. I am Alaska Native: Gwich’in Athabascan. I visited Sarah’s campaign office and spoke with her before she became Governor.

    We talked about the hunting and fishing rights of Alaska Natives. We didn’t get anywhere. She sided with sport and commercial interests, so I walked out on her and never looked back.

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    I just read your article and wow is all i can say.
    I cant belive someone like palin could do that. And the story about the indian woman being bashed by bottles really bothers me and as a mayor she should have stepped up and said something. That was totally wrong.
    I am not sure who I will be voteing for. Actually I may not vote at all. I am just up in arms about this electional. My husband is a Mccane supporter and I dont know but he is. Probably because mccain is a vet. But I think he is too old to run for pres. Actually I think if your over age of 60 you should run for the office. There are just to many ol folks. But that is just my opinion. I dont know maybe I will or maybe I wont vote. Seems to me there are to much negativity going on with this electician that It is all steering away from the real cause. I think they the polatician are just trying to see who is bigger and better then the other or who did tis and that etc and not focusing on the real problems. If they want change in the white house they would have to make change within themselves. Anyhoo as for the Alaskan people(natives)
    I pray for you and hope things will get better for you.I have never been to Alaska and I see pics and hear wonderfull stuff about that place. Maybe someday if not in this lifetime but next I will get the chance to see your part of the country.
    Welcome to my cabin,
    Sending smoke of sage,cedar and sweetgrass,
    Many Blessings to all.


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