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  • Tattoos tell the tales

    By Helen Barrett
    Alva,Oklahoma (AP)

    Incoming inmates at Bill Johnson Correctional Center are stripped and searched – not just for weapons or contraband, but to examine and catalog their tattoos. Identifying and logging inmate tattoos are a vital part of an ongoing fight against Security Threat Groups, also known as gangs.

    “We typically focus on treatment, but there is the business of corrections we deal with every day,” Security Chief Mark Williams said.

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    By Stan Bindell
    Moenkopi, Arizona (NFIC)

    Moenkopi Travel Center held a grand opening May 2 as it unfurled a complex that can bring an economic boost to the area. The travel center includes a convenience store, a gas station, the Tuuvi Cafe, Taco del Mar, a carwash and four Native...
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    Indian Center will close to regroup
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    <B>Indian Center will close to regroup</B>

    City wants to balance books, then consider aid


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    Trail of Tears at the Funk Heritage Center
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    Graves Of Our Ancestors Should Be Left Alone.
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    Its so frustrating that Indian Cemeteries are being disrespected....PUTIDHEM....California cemetery law is written to exclude Native Americans .In the name of fairness, include all cemeteries.Just because a cemetery is old,does not mean that the bodies can be disrespected,dug up and discarded.They don't...
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    Dance On...
    by NDNKIDZ
    I found this picture tonight.. we sat next to the jack family at a powwow and really enjoyed visiting with them.. I was impressed at how careing Darryl was with his wife and daughter....Rest In Peace

    08-17-2005, 01:33 AM



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