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It ain’t easy being Indian... upcoming implications of election

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  • It ain’t easy being Indian... upcoming implications of election

    By Ricey Wild
    News From Indian Country

    The implications and results of this upcoming presidential election cannot be more serious. All humor aside, I encourage you all, the readers of this column, to register to vote if you have not done so already. Be heard. Use your rights as an American citizen and cast your ballot. If you do not, if “the other guy won” and you are pissed, you have no cred whatsoever to whine about it. What happens in the near future in our, and I do mean “OUR” country as Native Americans may be up to you. Go. Do it. Or, in the parlance of our pan-Indian language, “G’wan then!”

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    Thank you for sharing this information from News from Indian Country about election time to vote in November. I would love to vote if I was in United States. Yes, it is important that all natives or whatever nationalities in the States must vote as it is important to be counted for the future president. I hope the right president would make our lives better than Bush who turn out to be a lousy president same as his father. For me, I hope Omar Barack will make a good president for us, natives. So vote for whoever you want to vote for. Good Luck.


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