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Activist-actor Russell Means fights fishing charge

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  • Activist-actor Russell Means fights fishing charge

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota (AP)

    Actor Russell Means has gone to court in South Dakota over a Black Hills fishing protest.

    Prosecutors charged Means for fishing without a license after an August protest at South Dakota’s Sheridan Lake.

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    It was the same here on the Manitoulin Island (on the rez) that they were out of the reserve to hunt for deer and the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) had to arrested them for not have permits to hunt deer about ten years ago. They had to go to court and our ex-Chief try very hard to get them out of jail. He was mad at the MNR for arresting them when they need to hunt for food. They were okay now and are free from jail. If Russell Means did not have a permit when he should if he want to fish. Almost all natives don't want permits to hunt or fish, because we were first natives living on our lands for many thousand of years, even more longer than that. We don't need permits. My husband refuse to have permits for fishing and hunting, too. He said he can fish and hunt right in the rez, not outside of the rez because our ex-Chief warned us that if we stray away from the rez, my husband might go to jail. So he was careful about that. I don't know if that is the right thing to do without a permit to fish or hunt.


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