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Dan Littlefield explains the Sequoyah Research Center

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  • Dan Littlefield explains the Sequoyah Research Center

    Produced by Paul DeMain
    Little Rock, Arkanasa (NFICTV) 10-08

    Dan Littlefield, (Cherokee) is the director of the Sequoyah Research Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.Littlefield holds a Ph.D. degree from Oklahoma State University and was a classroom teacher for forty-five years.

    There at the University of Little Rock, a Symposium called "Voices from the Past, Education for the Future" was held during October of 2008. It was the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Sequoyah Research Center and the 8th Symposium held on campus.

    Over 25 Native educators and leaders from through out North American are featured each year at the symposium where they present their papers, or make presentations on diverse Native issues ranging from mascots to preservation of Indigenous language.

    While the Seqouyah Research Symposium is well know amongst Native participants, one of the unknown secrets of the University and the Research Center is the vast number of archived material the Center's library has accumulated.

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    Dr Littlefield was one of my Professors, and he is a lot of fun and a super smart guy!
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